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  1. Anyone fished this area in the last few days or have any ideas on the patterns? We have an afternoon boat rental out of What's Up Dock. First time out since the arrival of our twins back in Feb....
  2. They have the Disco Shad on Tackle Warehouse, but the Smash and Caribbean Shad are on back order. BPS was out last time I was there as well. Seems they are hard to come by. I got mine from Scott Rook's tackle shop in Little Rock.
  3. I like the Disco Shad color as well, but these came off the Smash color. I also got a few on a Brush Pile off a Joe Bald point using a DD22 in Jelly Bean.
  4. Fished Mill Creek/Baxter area over the weekend and had some pretty decent success thanks to the 1/2oz PBJ Eakins Football jig and some good advice from Champ. Used a PBJ Chunk Jr trailer. No giants, but had some good numbers for a newbie weekend warrior. Most of Jig Bites were in the back of deeper coves and creeks. They also seemed to be hitting it when we threw it up on a ledge and dropped it off. Also caught some off the Yellow Magic in the early AM and caught 3 nice smallies on one point using a DT16. Congratulations Jim on your new personal best.
  5. Thursday - Fished out of Cedar Ridge from 9am to 1pm. Caught 10-12 that ranged 13-17 inches in Morgans Buttoms and Turkey Creek. All were caught on a wart in 4-8 fow. 54 degrees. Friday - Launched from Ruark around 2pm and fished till 6pm. Mainly fished the Eakins jig starting in the back of the creeks east of the ramp. Didn't catch as many as Thursday, but did find this nice female in 4 or 5 feet of water. Forgot my scale, but she was 20.5 inches and had a nice belly on her. Saturday - Fished out of Mutton with the wife. Didn't catch a lick. I blame it on the barking dogs in the boat. However talked to quite a few at the ramp and seems they had similar luck. I'm sure it was the nice weather, but the boat traffic is certainly starting to pick up. Every spot we went to already a boat or two on it. Anyone else have any luck today???
  6. A-Rig if they are suspended....
  7. For those that have not had a chance to read yet: http://www.kansascity.com/2012/03/10/3482549/new-technique-lures-ozarks-bass.html
  8. Bill - Thanks to your excellent Fishing Report I was able to locate some nice LM today. Including a personal best. I didn't fish out of Baxter, but did find some Chunk Rock Channel Swings that you talked about. Look forward to the KC Star article. For those that haven't used Bill as a guide I highly recommend him. He took me out last year and we did some float and fly. He put us right on some great Spotted Bass. His reports are always great, but when you take a trip with him you will learn 10 times as much as you can read on a Forum. Thansk Again Bill!!!
  9. Does anyone have photos of the Stockton bait fish (Craws, shad, etc) they would be willing to share? Tried to look through the archives, but couldn't find anything.
  10. #1 - Table Rock #2 - LOZ #3 - Stockton
  11. I like the West side of Ruark as well. However I had pretty good luck at Crabtree Cove this past week. You can fish off the dock or walk all the way around the cove. Fished from 6-8:30 on Saturday night and caught 3 bass and 5 whites. Went back the next morning and caught 4 more whites with a really nice one directly across the from the fishing dock across the cove. Caught 3 more bass with 1 keeper at 16 inches.
  12. Thanks for the report Bob. Hopefully you had a good Birthday. PS - I love to fish when the bass are chasing "dad".....
  13. There all over Bull Shoals too. Around Bee Creek area.
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