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  1. It's a blast. Near the end of last summer I started exploring the flats of Arcadia here in OKC. Only had a couple trips out there before Fall settled in, but it's on my list for this Summer. Since I'm in OKC, I don't know much about those lakes. If I'm over that way; I'd just as soon be looking for trout. Let us know how you do!
  2. Chance, by "lower sections" I meant the stretch between the gauge and Marval. We fished the riffle above T&M gravel and did ok. Never made it any farther down though. The more I fish LIR, the more depressed I get that LMF is 4 hours away.
  3. I was hoping to see some March Browns, but never did. The water was fairly clear, just still. I'm heading back Monday and I'll probably just fish the lower sections. I haven't fully explored that area yet.
  4. Was that you I chatted with in the black Infinity? We were in the black Tacoma.
  5. Still water, lots of sunshine and a bump in pressure. You guessed it....slow fishing. It still beats working though. The fish I landed seemed rough. They were pretty thin, with malformed fins. I ventured up to the upper dam parking lot today and I was shocked at how bad the algae is up there. It's everywhere. I haven't been up there in quite awhile, but it wasn't near that bad last time I saw it. I found two small fingerlings caught in the algae in the shallows. One was alive, the other wasn't Sorry, this is not the most positive report. I was bummed by the LIR today.
  6. Very true. Wish I was over there today. I love fishing in the snow!
  7. Anyone been out lately? Wondering if any of this weather coming through may help me out Wednesday.
  8. Thats true, you could always go to the spaghetti and meatballs. Egg, SJ worm then a midge or an RS2. If it gets super slow, I normally rig up something like that. I'm heading over on Wednesday, I'll write up a report.
  9. Hi Chris, Check the generation schedule and be careful not to hang out too long once they blow the horn. We normally do well on Pheasant tails, zebra midges, hares ear and scuds from about 18-14. Midges are normally the go to. If there is no generation, it's hard to find a good drift. Just look for areas of decent flow. If they're running 1 unit (the best fishing IMO) make sure you're getting to the bottom with you rig. Good luck!
  10. Last time I was able to fish the dropping water like that, we fished dries to rising fish. Hooked up about every other cast for almost an hour. Then after all the water receded it was like someone flipped a switch. Nothing. We went back to the typical "find a channel and nymph" that normally works. It was much slower, but we still caught fish. Not near as fun though. That was also a beautiful couple of days and warmer than the previous week by about 15 degrees. That had to have something to do with it.
  11. The best place is hard to nail, but the best time is when the water is dropping. If you can catch it when they kill the generators that next 45 minutes will be gangbusters. Especially near watts or below. Fish are moving, finding new spots and actively feeding.
  12. Hi Jim, Welcome. The term Blue Ribbon should be read with a healthy amount of sarcasm. It's just exciting to explore new water and find a little space on crowded days. I've never approached the river from that side, but I have seen that road. From the water, it looks like private land and is actually a really pretty area. I'm sure you wouldn't be the first one to try it out though. Can't hurt to ask!
  13. I just bought the Olympus TG1. It's a cool little camera. My guess was that he survived a bald eagle attack. He's a fighter.
  14. Some underwater footage of a couple of those fish..
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