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  1. Oh, they are a sweet and simple popper option! They take color really well, are super durable, and have a good solid "pop!" And you can flip them around and fish them as Sliders too.
  2. Had some topwater and subsurface flies going out this week! We're getting closer and closer to our striper season over here in OK.
  3. This year I started the journey into doing some tying videos, Brian Wise-esque type tying videos, so that I could show some patterns that I have had guys asking about for years! Please know these aren't teaching videos designed to teach you any specific technique, they're just to *quickly* show the steps of a specific pattern. I started the year with a couple simple patterns that weren't my own originals, the Double Deceiver and some variations of a Single Deceiver, but this week I uploaded the first of several original patterns that will be coming out soon. Go check it out:
  4. Is the poll only to apply to Rainbows? Because you're right, a trophy at Crane vs. Taney vs. NFOW vs. The White is a vastly different set of standards. And then Browns are completely different.
  5. Earlier this year, I purchased a Towee Calusa (if you aren't familiar with Towee: http://toweemarine.com/, it's what Jeff Trigg at Ozark Sweetwater has been running), and one of the learning curves that I expected was boat maintenance. I haven't however learned much. My Towee is stored in my garage on trailer with a 15hp Suzuki on the back and MinnKota Riptide 55lb thrust trolling motor with iPilot, it's a great boat. My question is this: What are your basics for boat maintenance? For the boat itself, electronics, motor, trailer, etc. What are the things you must do for maintenance and how oft
  6. I just did some size 4/0 and 6/0 Peacock bass flies on my Peak, didn't have any issues. The one thing I have noticed is you can't crank it down that hard because you can snap the pin in the cam from too much pressure (I know from experience!). It holds well enough. I haven't done any major deer hair work where I need to put a ton of pressure on the hook - Brian Wise has been using the Jurassic jaws ( I think that's what they're called) from Peak and it looks like those would be sweet for big hooks. I've done hundreds and hundreds of 2/0 hooks on both my Peak and Anvil Atlas (it's now Wol
  7. Mistyped the web address... Here's the correct one: https://oklahomaflycompany.weebly.com And facebook: https://m.facebook.com/OKFlyCo-862832170470301/ And Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/okflyco/ Website is still under some work, and it doesn't work as well on a mobile phone. Consider it a work in progress that doesn't get a ton of attention.
  8. Hey all, A few years ago I started a fly tying company to jump in headfirst into the fly fishing industry. In the beginning, I refrained from sharing it on here to avoid clogging up the forum with my pointless pictures of flies. But I realized a few weeks ago that I still had not shared anything, and since I'm running a sale on streamers starting tomorrow, I figured now is as good a time as ever to loop you guys in. You may already know of Oklahoma Fly Company, or OKFlyCo for short, through social medias (Instagram and Facebook) - if not go check out my pages and give me a follow, or you
  9. That's a one off Musky fly, essentially just a double articulated Double Deceiver with beefed up hooks in the front and back and a 40mm Flymen shank in the middle. It came in around 10" - it's massive.
  10. Heres a few of what I've knocked out lately. Working out orders for a guy headed to Brazil later this year for a fly fishing trip!
  11. Yeah, there are a lot of guys that are excited about them, and for good reason. I've been holding off committing to them too much because they're still relatively new to the hook market. So far so good, but there are always kinks in every manufacturing process! I am actually a commercial tyer, so I can get my hooks straight from the source. As far as what shops are carrying Ahrex at this time, I'm not sure. Maybe Dally's in AR or Feather-Craft in St. Louis. They're so new that I'm not sure who would be carrying them.
  12. Since posting this over a year ago, I have bounced around between hook manufacturers. Ahrex is now a big one on the scene that I am really enjoying. As far as Partridge goes, I'ven had several issues with some of their hooks this summer (Stripers can straighten hooks out pretty quick if you're not careful!), and I'm not sure that I will keep tying with them after finishing out what stock I have left. Went back to Gamakatsu for several patterns. If you haven't tied with any Ahrex hooks, their light stinger hooks are really sticky, pretty similar to the B10S. In the end, I've realized that
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