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  1. Thanks Fishinwrench, appreciate the education. Not too sure I have 23 years left to catch up though.
  2. Fishinwrench. Been on the lake for 12 years and never heard this Realtor marker stuff before. Thanks for the update. You've always had a lot of good info about the lake and fishing in a grouchy kind of way. I mean that in a good way.
  3. I'm at MM13 on the Niangua, by the 54 bridge
  4. I wasn't as clear as I should have been in my question about gas. I have a pontoon on the water and am looking to get gas out on the water at one of the marinas. Just wasn't sure if they had gas out on the water or even if they are open.
  5. Is it getting any harder to get gas on the lake nowadays? Was thinking about heading down sometime this week, but don't have a lot of gas in my boat to waste.
  6. Has anything been reported as to where he caught it, and what was he using?
  7. Caught this fish on Sunday. At first I thought the thing hanging from its gill was a snake. But it wasn't. Unfortunately it dropped off and headed deep. Coming from the Great lakes area the closest thing like it that I've seen is a Lamprey, but that doesn't seem right. Anybody know what it is.
  8. My buddy and I can't wait any longer, so we are heading down to the Niangua Arm this afternoon. Fishing tomorrow and Wed. If anybody has any advice on Crappie, or Bass down that way it would be appreciated.
  9. Thanks for all the good feedback. I do have side imaging but still learning to use it. Have always been frustrated trying to find the crappie. Been fairly successful with the Bass over the years. But have always wanted a couple bags of Crappie in my freezer for the fryer.
  10. Thinking about bringing my buddy down this week Wed and Thur. Will be fishing the Niangua and Little Niangua area. Have yet to really figure this area out for Crappie. I fish from a pontoon so fishing the docks is quite a bit more difficult. Any advice for how to and where to go after them in this area would be appreciated.
  11. Warfrat Kevin and I were planning to bring a bunch of people down for the weekend mostly boating and swimming. Is that just a real bad idea?
  12. I'm thinking about heading down to the Niangua arm this week to do some crappie and possibly some bass fishing. Anybody have any reports to share?
  13. I'm bringing a friend down to the lake with his new boat to put some hours on it this week. I've heard the ramp at my condo in the Niangua arm is too shallow right now. Since I've never put in at Larry Gale before can anyone tell me what the water level is at that ramp
  14. Thanks for the updates, sounds like I'll be fishing for crappie on the docks this weekend
  15. Heading down to the lake this weekend. I'm at the 13mm of the Niangua. Does anyone know if it's all iced over past the bridge heading to HaHaTonka?
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