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  1. I prefer shrimp as well because it tends to stay on the hook a ton easier than liver .
  2. Has anyone had any luck fishing McDaniels bridge area? Ive been out there a few times and had no luck at all.
  3. Has anyone had luck catfishing at like 6 am? I'd like to set a couple poles out for catfish in the morning and then bass fish while im waiting for hits on the cat.
  4. Im new to Springfield Im a student here for college. I was under the impression that the Lake closed at sundown and opened at sunrise? I never night fish there because of that reason. Please tell me i am wrong b/c i would love to go there to night fish.
  5. Does anyone here have any joint pains that you notice during fishing trips or everyday life? Do you wish you could travel across the world and fish and not have to worry about any of the financial issues that hold you back? If you have any of the following please contact me: Joint pains Migraines Dizziness Diabetes Arthritis Overweight Vision issues Heart Issues Be sure to check out www.ilive4this.usana.com and check out our products that have been promoted by Dr. Oz. Usana allows for opportunity of financial success or physical health success guaranteed. IF interested email me @ jaskea8@yahoo.com and we can talk more about it. Thanks-JRG
  6. I hit Lake Springfield up today for a "quickie" Threw in a bright colored crankbait and got a hit immediately. It was in the picnic area past the dam. Not a huge bass but probably 16 inches.
  7. I hear a lot of people saying not to eat the fish out of Lake Springfield. Why is that? Is it safe to eat or whats the deal?
  8. I have been EVERYWHERE on Fellow's Lake (I do not have a boat so i bank fish) and I can honestly say I have not caught 1 fish. There is a good location off County 183 road but it is blocked off and illegal to fish that side? ... I am about to give up fishing lol. Any suggestions?
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