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  1. I can’t begin to even tell you how many I’ve force-fed a fiberglass arrow to, while we were out bow fishing back in the day LOL Rhee are about a bajillion in the Arkansas river. They fight way better on light line than 200lb test with an arrow through em 🙂 One of those European long rod finesse fisherman read that and got outraged LOL
  2. Absolutely, I was laughing my head off when I saw what it was LOL. Big fish are a hoot no matter what!
  3. I’ve goofed around and snagged some, but never had one take a jig lol
  4. This guy was confused...Hit a D2 jig lol. 15 min before I hooked him my buddy lost a 10ish lb brown under a log. It was heartbreaking! Thought we’d get at least one big brown pic -the others were all in the 15-18” range. Oh well, this guy was a blast on 4lb test sos line.
  5. All that being said, I don’t want to run a prop on the white river ever again. Jet drives for me from now on.
  6. Listen, on a jet boat I will concede that the advantage of having a tunnel is pretty slight. With a prop it’s a game changer. I’ve owned 5 prop tunnels, 4 of I built myself. A flat bottom boat over around 60 hp has to have one as far as I’m concerned, at least for the areas where I hunt and fish around the Arkansas River. I don’t like a tunnel with a 25, you can jack those lightweight little dudes way up on the tea some and cheat. When you get into a big motor with a big prop, skeg, and heavy load the tunnel keeps you from having to get out and push the boat. I’ve ramped more beaverdams with
  7. I had a 60” bottom Topwater with a 60/40 merc jet. It had a tunnel... ran like a champ. Sold it and built my 2072 because I wanted to run from ranchettes to norfork every so often. The 150 is way faster. And hungrier....
  8. Bwahahaha!!!!!😂😂😂
  9. I call em jet props too 👍
  10. Hey Mitch, how many prop tunnel hulls have you owned?
  11. I typed out a big response and deleted it. Figured I’d feel guilty in the morning. Ps: I think Ronald Reagan (who I love) was to liberal.
  12. Not yet, but it’s gonna happen at some point I’m sure. It pushes way easier than aluminum, but the boat is super heavy 😩
  13. I don’t know how to post a video, and this is over a muddy bottom, but it’s shallow!!! Screen shot from a cell phone video
  14. Now I just wanna se how many pages we can get this thread up to. What was the original question 😳😂😂😂
  15. Oh crap, an evil 3” deep “pocket tunnel”😂😂😂 PS: boat doubles as the worlds biggest cutting board
  16. The insurance policy. ‘Cause sometimes you hit when your running super skinny!!!
  17. Motor is above the bottom of the boat. Boat sets super shallow in the water. Outcome: darn near runs on a heavy dew lol Disclaimer: motor will cavitate running up a nasty shoal like above the catch and release at Norfork. It’s worth it to me -especially since I know how to drive it 👍
  18. How does the wetlander hold up? I put steel flex on the bottom of a mud boat once, but rocks ate it’s lunch pretty quickly. Thats shallow!!!
  19. I’ve had several airboats and loved how tough the stuff is, so I incorporated it into this boat. It’s heavy and slows the rig down though 😩 I’ve jumped/skidded it over a couple gravel bar humps, just to see how it’d do -and ‘cause, you know, refreshments... 🤷‍♂️ 😂😂😂
  20. We can start arguing about the benefits of a slick bottom aluminum boat if you guys want. They’re amazing when it comes to sliding off of stumps LOL Maybe we could talk about how rounded chains turn better but create more drag. How hard chines don’t corner worth a crap but typically are faster and will carry a load better. I could even go into how tunnels are typically around 5 mile an hour slower than a traditional boat, require a specialized prop, and usually have a crappy reverse because of it. Everything is about a trade off when it comes to boat.
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