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  1. We were the green one. Do not worry everyone, I saw him wiping the boat down. Must have been a speck of dust on it!
  2. Good going. We were in the Lund near you. Got one and lost one. Nice boat!
  3. Sounds like Ventris trails end resort. It is a couple of miles NW of Rockey Branch. Check hours. If you call Jody (owner) a day ahead, he will make a pizza to go - even in the off season.
  4. I found one yesterday mid-lake. They turned on with some surface activity and fish at 20 feet for about 45 minutes. Then they were gone. Otherwise- dead.
  5. Deano

    Drum today

    I was looking for walleye with a shad rap and caught this guy by accident. Put him back to grow up.
  6. Deano

    Drum today

    I am new to the lake. Caught a drum today. I was surprised by the size. How big do they get here? I enjoy the forum. It helps me get some ideas on where to start learning the lake.
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