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  1. So is anyone still pulling cranks this late? Or has water temp dropped enough that the fish won't chase? I am a generalist and enjoy Stockton because of the variety of fish you can catch other times of the year while trolling. Just wondering if it would still work this late in the fall. Thanks in advance for advice and thoughts. Tater
  2. I'm just wondering how much rain fell in the area down there? It was pretty incredible in the KC Metro. The official measurement at KCI was .25". However 17 miles south of there the report was 8 inches. We received 6 inches at my work in Raytown. Widespread 4 -6 inches in the area. Just wondering how much down there and if it wull be muddying all the water up. I'm hoping to get back down that way soon. Missing my favorite lake bad!
  3. MrGiggles what baits do you have success with when trying to troll at shallower depths?
  4. Thanks for the hint MrGiggles. I did not try fishing higher in the water column. I tried changing trolling speeds, bait colors, different depths of water, and pulling different directions i.e from shallower to deeper and vice versa. I did note we caught some of the crappie on the turn but that seemed normal.
  5. We didn't run real far south but there was not a lot of "Big stuff" floating in the main channel on Wednesday. That can, and likely will, change with all the Tuesday through Thursday water being added. It was definitely a challenge with the spikes pf barometric pressure not to mention the high water. I hope to get back down there later after she goes back down closer to normal. I do love fishing on that lake! I was really surprised that we did not catch a single white bass while trolling. That is usually almost a given..
  6. Many have questioned my sanity (and rightfully so) for many years.. LOL
  7. The gentleman at Orleans trail said he had to wade to work yesterday! They came out and added another extension onto the ramp by the time we got there to clean fish in the evening.
  8. My buddy and I drove down to Stockton on Tuesday morning and came home today. We planned on 3 days of fishing but ended up getting to actually fish less than a day and a half due to the weather. We got into Stockton on Tuesday about 9 AM in the middle of a thunderstorm. By looking at the radar we saw that we'd have a wait until it would be safe to get on the lake. Many thanks to the kind lady at our motel who let us get into the room well before check-in. We unloaded the gear into the room and watched the radar and finally thought everything with lighting in it was past us and put in on the wa
  9. Thanks all for the reports. I am sitting at my desk at work chomping at the bit! We hope to be on the water by 9 tomorrow morning. Weather forecast looks iffy for fishing tomorrow afternoon but Wednesday and Thursday look good at this point!
  10. Awesome! Thanks so much for the information. I hope to be posting up some positive reports next week.
  11. Thanks! I've been down there trolling cranks a couple times in the last 3 or 4 years with a different buddy who does it pretty much every year. I have an idea of some places to try and hit. I hope the T-storms clear out early on Tuesday as we will be down there fairly early in the AM. Other than being a little windy, the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday look pretty good. He has a big Lund with a 115 so I think we'll be OK even if it's a little bumpy. I love Stockton and am hoping to show my buddy what a really cool lake it truly is!
  12. Thank you for the update and information on pulling cranks. I am headed down there next Tuesday - Thursday. It'll be my buddy's first time to Stockton after I've talked about it for years. Our primary purpose is crappie but would like to run into a walleye or. We are bringing bottom bouncers to try for some walleye as well. Not looking for any spots but would you mind letting me know the depth of the water you were fishing and what depth the fish were hanging at? Thanks!
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