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  1. Still keeping an eye on this, but I am not really "in the know." Any news?
  2. Still keeping tabs on this. Any word from those in the know?
  3. I'll definitely be keeping a close eye on this thread as Spavinaw is the closest fishery to me and though I used to fish it several years ago (just hopped in at the two state highway bridges and waded up or downstream), I was also scared off by grumpy landowners, no trespassing signs, ropes across the creek, etc. Hopefully we will have some good news from creekfreak sometime in the near future. If it does go public, it should definitely be catch and release only and it will need to be well patrolled/enforced; it's just too small to sustain a catch and keep type fishery unless they want to
  4. I will be camping with some friends at the Bull Shoals State Park over the next few days. I live in the Fayetteville, AR area and I know that the temperate bass are definitely moving up the creeks and rivers here for the spawn so I figure it can't be too different over that way. Does anyone know of any good locations in the area to fish for white bass, hybrids or striped bass on the annual spawning run right now? I will be fly fishing and on foot so I will need wade in access points if possible. Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Hoping to be out there on Friday night with some friends. Any suggestions on where to start? We will be on foot. I was thinking we would just hop in at the state park or just down from the dam, but I am not real familiar with the water out there so I am definitely open to suggestions. Assuming they are not generating, are there any deep holes that we need to be concerned about?
  6. Well, it looks like there has been a change of plans and my group will now be headed over to the White near Cotter for the weekend; should still be a good time, but my report for the weekend will be found in that section of the forum now
  7. Thanks again for the tips guys. Can't wait for the trip, I would love to find a brookie down there. I have caught rainbows, browns, and cutts, but never a brookie.
  8. Thanks! Do you usually use #20-22 midges?
  9. Headed out to the Little Red with a group of guys the first weekend in February. I have never fished the Little Red before so I am looking for pointers, maps, access points, etc that those familiar with the river are willing to give. I am not organizing the trip, but I believe we will all be on foot wading and fly-fishing. I have fly-fished for trout in several of the other tail waters of the White River system (Beaver, Norfork, and Bull Shoals); would you say the Little Red closely resembles any of the other White River system tail waters? Any info is greatly appreciated and I will defini
  10. I have been out many times in the spring on the spawning run, but never even heard of a winter run before. What sort of signs should one look for? Water temperature, water depth, other? Unfortunately, I live far enough from the White and Twin Bridges that it is not reasonable for me to just drop in and have a look at things several times a week. I am lucky to make it out once every other week so if there are any indicators that I can monitor from a distance it would be very helpful.
  11. Thanks for the responses guys. It looks like we will probably cruise from Vancouver up to Seward. Once we get to Seward we will get off the boat and stay for at least a few more days, maybe a whole week. We really haven't decided where we want to go/stay once we get off the boat, but I figured somewhere on the Kenai Peninsula would be good. Gavin, what are your suggestions for Cooper Landing and Soldatna? You could PM me if you prefer. One other thing we had considered was heading up to Denali National Park and staying somewhere nearby there. Any suggestions for this area? I'd really lik
  12. Looks like I am probably going to make a trip up to the great AK in June of 2014 so I am starting to do some research now to try and make the most of it. Most of our time will be spent on the Kenai Peninsula so I was wondering if any of you might have suggestions on places to stay, fishing guides, or anything else that might be of interest. Looks like the early run of King Salmon is in mid to late June so I will definitely be checking into that. Thanks in advance for any information.
  13. Thanks for shooting me straight, Ham. I kind of thought this might be the case, so I appreciate the confirmation from someone more familiar with the region than I.
  14. I will be in Jasper for a couple of days around Thanksgiving this week. Are there any good places to fish nearby? Since we have had a pretty mild fall season, I was hoping that I might find some bronze backs on the Buffalo. I don't think I will have a ton of time, so I am just looking for a place with pretty easy access that I could hit for an hour or two. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I have very little experience down that way.
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