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  1. I went today with my brother and a friend but we didn't have much luck. I caught the smallest bass ever and that was it. My friend and brother each caught a couple bluegill. I ran into another guy fly fishing around the 2nd bridge area and he said he caught a brown trout earlier that day.
  2. I've went from a Nikon D40 to a Canon 40D now and so far I'm liking the Canon side of things but I'm still exploring options. I may try to check out the Pentax sometime when I'm looking at stuff.
  3. they look pretty good, you don't hear of too many people using pentax cameras anymore.
  4. Hmm after hearing this I am glad I decided to sleep in that morning.
  5. Thanks for the info. I went friday afternoon after my classes got out but didn't have much luck. It started raining off and on about an hour after I got there, but it kind of cleared out the park and I got to try fly fishing for the first time at the park. It made me realize I need more practice! Is the park pretty quiet during C&R season?
  6. I saw something about those fish the other day on NGC, except they were talking about a river in Illinois I think.
  7. I also went today and caught a couple of fish. First one was around 11 am and was caught on a blue-green and white rooster tail, the second one was caught a little after noon on a white rooster tail. I did see a guy today fishing with a black 7in power worm, I'm guessing he wasn't having much luck.
  8. I will be down that way this weekend, unfortunately I will be building a concrete pad with my dad for most of the weekend. Hopefully I will get a break Saturday morning or late Friday night but I will only be fishing from the shore. Hopefully the fishing is better than the luck I had last weekend.
  9. Me and my friend fished near Cape Fair, Saturday night through this morning. I had decent luck around 11PM Saturday using a Texas-rigged worm, then caught a few Sunday morning on a crankbait, none of them were keepers though. My friend caught a couple this morning on a worm and one on a spinnerbait Sunday afternoon.
  10. Thanks for the comments everyone, I've never fished opening day and after going to take pictures I will probably never even try to fish opening day.
  11. Thanks for the welcome everyone, I just posted up the pics.
  12. I know its a little late, but I just joined the forum. I took these as part of an assignment since I work part time during the school year as a photographer for the student newspaper. Hope you like them, and if anyone wants a full size image for a background or if you are in a picture just let me know and I can send it to you. -Josh
  13. I am new to the forum although I have been looking through the info on the site for a week or two. I am from SWMO more precisely Monett. I am currently going to school in Rolla and am starting to get back into fishing a little more now that I live close to a nice little pond. I used to fish a lot at Table Rock when I was younger at my parents house near Viola and am actually getting to fish at Table Rock this weekend. Hopefully I can donate some pics to the photography forum since I enjoy taking a lot of pictures, and hopefully learn a little more about fishing. I'll post a few pics in the pho
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