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  1. Glad we got to finally meet you in person Jerry. Maybe in August we can all get together and do some fishin, eatin and talkin. Good call on the weather. Hope we can get some decent rains and flush things out a bit. Get the tinge going again.
  2. Hi Rich, Yep we make them as short as 3' and as long as 7'. We've made several for the bamboo guys using some lt cahill and tan thread. Olive will be no problem as well. How many? I'll make you a killer indicator version as well to try out. Been using one all week and really liking it. Give us a week or so since we are fishin not working this week. What other colors for the BH midges were working for you. Did better today with a black head black thread and silver wire. Troy
  3. Hi Jerry, Look us up if you make it down. We are camping #439 thru wed. Silver Ford 150 crew cab KS plates N2FISHN. Been hot and cold past four days. A bit slower today. Nice size fish relative to past two years though. P&P doing well. So are olive leeches. Fishing mostly zone two. Troy
  4. <If you see a snake don't mess with it simple as that.> What about when one falls off a low branch into your canoe with my son in front! Made for a quick canoe exit with no one harmed not even the snake. Very memorable for all involved parties. I had a large black rat snake (awesome mouse eating machines!) in the drive on Saturday. I got out and tried to herd him across the drive to avoid getting squished. He puffed up and got all mean looking. I backed off. Finally he moved across and climbed an elm tree only to get harassed by a pair of nesting mocking birds. I was late for a lake date but would have liked to seen how things ended.
  5. Found a great YouTube video of Brian Wise tying up a double deceiver. Looks doable. Looks like a great saltwater pattern as well
  6. ksbass

    Popper Art

    My daughter has been enjoying her new camera. We tried some flys and poppers that I had been working on as subjects. Here's a B&W shot of a white bass popper. Pic makes this look huge. Troy
  7. What's the fly pattern? Looks like something articulated? Nice fish for sure.
  8. Hi Pat, It was for the opening weekend of C&R. Saw several campers there. Website says open yr round. No water hookups though. I'm hoping to hit BSSP another time yet this year as well. Another 50 degree day and I'll head that way. Small stuff was working probably still is. Looks like the Suzy hole and above has some Smallie action as well. Hope all is well and your mom recovers.
  9. SB you might get your wish. I don't have one but googled "Luck E Strike Wart Hog" and had a ton of hits. Some youtube videos too with Rick Clunn. Here a quote from a site: "Luck E Strike is introducing a new, old bait called the Warthog. This little crank is made for early spring and clear water environments. The colors are mostly translucent with the bait in its prime on light line. The scuttlebutt is that this bait has been a well kept secret in the Ozark’s for some time. Now the word, and the bait, are out. Look for them soon at your favorite tackle shop." Rick Clunn talking about new old warthog Sounds like a original re-make to me. Nice close-ups in video. What colors would be good to have? Troy
  10. Sweet! Nice one to start with. Was this early or at sunset?
  11. Thanks for the tips. I saw the cave on the left bank but didn't realize I should head further in as I was in about a foot of water but too far to the right. I hope someone else can use your advice this time as I had 17 emails from work and needed to head back this evening. I'm on the tail end of a project and it was hopeful thinking I could get away for 2 days. Rats! I did do alot of scouting around the Prairie creek area with the side imager. Amazing amount of shad everywhere. Various sized schools, some rather deep. I also found several groups of larger fish between the no-wake bouys. The flats area on the east side of the closest island sure had a lot of shad and white bass. Also several ducks in the small cove on the east side. Line up a few more 50 degree days in a week or so and I'll be back! Thanks again, Troy
  12. Thanks WC, I should have picked up a new one at Cabelas. I drove down for the day here on Beaver. I found the shad in the back of the coves in ~8' of water. Didn't catch many though. I think my old net just sinks to slowly. Also not used to the smart Ark shad in the clearer water. The chocolate colored KS water definitely gives you an advantage. Didn't pick up any stripers, had two boil right at the boat, but had a good time with the white bass on top water. Might try again tomorrow. Troy
  13. I'm looking to buy a new cast net for the larger shad and wondered what size and material type would be best. I currently have a 3 1/2' nylon net. Thanks, Troy
  14. Here's a shot from yesterday. Not the biggest but one of the most colorful. Not bad for a cell phone camera. Didn't realize the bh midge would show up so well. Anyone else go to Bennett?
  15. A solo trip today. Nice day to be on the stream. Was breezy early but calmed down finally around 2pm. Several anglers in the zone 2 riffles early but cleared out around lunchtime. I fished from below the dam to the Suzy hole. Started off very slow for me but picked up once I found what worked. I had great luck with an olive beadhead midge fished under a palsa float. Nothing big at all. Mostly 12" stockers and a few colorful 14" fish. I did catch a cutbow. First ever at Bennett for me. Several midge and black caddis hatches this afternoon. The water is as clear as ever and the fish are eager for a fly. Overall a great day to be on the stream. I met the KC Chiefs crowd coming home in Clinton. Glad I chose to fish!
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