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  1. Is it possible to run a v bottom bass boat on the little red, or will only a flatty be feasible?
  2. what a bunch of sick mfers... they're all laughing at that fish while it looks like it is suffering... what the hell is wrong with those people
  3. I use Sharkskin and believe it was well worth the money...the noise was never a problem and I have yet to use a line that casts and mends as well as the skin... I give it a quick cleaning every once in a while and it still works like new
  4. That sounds excellent, if I don't have to work Saturday its on.....
  5. I knew it was you all along.... that's why you blocked ur face out in all the Halloween Pics?Right?
  6. I agree with gator... As long as you're fishing legal nobody has the right to say anything and if they do it just proves that they are dicks... I am exclusivley a flyfisherman but appreciate seeing all fisherman being successful regardless of tackle as long as its legal... People should be more concerned keeping their own rods bent and not judging those who don't do it "their way"
  7. I fully agree crow sounds downright nasty and that would be one of the very few foods I wouldn't try... Crows are nasty annoying sons of bitches
  8. Man I'm sorry but that made me laugh my butt off! That totally is a fatherly thing to do, my old man would have done the same thing.... If your gonna kill it, it better be to eat or to stop it from eating your food- ex. the rabbit or squirrel or deer that is ravaging your garden..And im sure if he'd killed the deer eating his garden instead of poppin him in the butt with a pelletto run him off we'd have been processin him the shed like it were deer season.. I shot a woodpecker one time and pops got real pissed and his reasoning was similar, but like you I was just a kid with an air rifle and h
  9. BM, You should post that recipe,unless its a secret one which I would totally understand how that goes, I'm just curious because I 've heard from many brown trout is a terrible tasting fish and I'd like to try it myself because I'll try anything once... more than likely ill like it cause i love me some fish
  10. darn BM you have quite the brown trout resume.... I dont think anyone would object to seeing more photos of nice fish...that being said post away!
  11. IMO if tou can't go fishing talkin about it is the next best thing
  12. Sunday evenings are notorious for lost sanity due to boredom..... so i believe a little fishing discussion could remedy this.
  13. im actually moving like 2 minutes away from big bend ans sulpher springs
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