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  1. For a guy who wants threads like these banished from the forum, you sure do a lot of participating in them.
  2. I'm just sayin' that as long as there's demand, there's gonna be supply. Blame it on the media all you want, but without crackheads there would be no crack dealers.
  3. It's not that they love it...they love selling their product to their market. If we weren't a nation of morbid rubber-neckers who finds entertainment in other people's misery, they wouldn't have anyone to sell their spectacles to.
  4. I'm not alleging that I caught a few 16-17...I did catch a few 16-17. But I wouldn't call them great fish. Decent fish. But I don't know what that has to do with anything. Regardless of what size fish are in that river and how many you catch, or if there were no fish at all, 200 floaters ruins a trip. So does 100 and so does 50. And there's nothing can be done about it, but I still wish MO Conservationist and everyone else would just shut up about all rivers, especially the ones that are already swamped with idiots.
  5. Count me in for the classes and permits. Anything that keeps some boneheads off the river is fine with me. I'll take outlawed liveries, too (except Brian and Justin, of course...but they only get to service me and people like me). If someone is interested enough in getting on the river, they'll jump through the hoops. Everyone else is just riff raff screwing up my serenity. But like Ronnie said, that will never happen. Never. Too bad.
  6. Are you sure? I'm fairly certain the MV gage was at around 240 when we put in at the Prongs, and I feel like we would have done a bunch of dragging had the river been only an inch or two lower, especially between Bay and Alley.
  7. NPR and PBS carry the most credible and unbiased reporting and news coverage that I can reliably find...even though one side of the political spectrum puts them in the same category as Planned Parenthood and Acorn. Why they're so afraid of them I have no idea...I guess because straight journalism doesn't jibe with their narrative. FOX and MSNBC are less of a threat to each other because it's easy to put them in the same camp, although I think it's a somewhat false equivalence...to one degree or another. Regardless of my political convictions, I try my best to digest information as objectively as possible...I'd only be defeating the purpose of paying attention if I didn't. And NPR and PBS are the two "mainstream" sources I find to be closest to the realm of "fair and balanced."
  8. I only remember one unavoidable sweeper, and that was because we picked the wrong route when the river divided. Most were easily negotiated with some basic paddling skills. I think we only walked the canoes around one or two obstacles. No portages, though that may change if the river blows out from this current storm system. The best gravel bars will be pretty picked over even with the recent floods. Depending on where you camp, you can paddle across the river and gather firewood from somewhere no one camps. I'd say anywhere under 225cfs on the Mountain View gage and you'll be doing a bit of dragging. Under 200 and you'll be doing a lot.
  9. Every person I've talked to about JF in the last month or so has mentioned that freaking article. I sure wish they'd have just kept their mouths shut. They shoulda wrote about the Bourbeuse or something instead.
  10. We did Prongs to Alley the weekend before you. We must have picked a winner because we only saw a couple other small groups the whole trip. Didn't do any dragging even above 17 and below Bay Creek. And fishing was pretty good. Lots of little ones up to 14" and a handful between 15-17". If I go back this year it won't be until October. People ruin everything.
  11. It's supposed to be "not that there's anything wrong with that." Good for your brother. I probably wouldn't be so down on the whole thing if it didn't involve "merit badges" and the stupid uniforms and all the rules and the cornballs who usually "lead" the troops. I don't get why you can't just take your kids camping and canoeing and fishing and hiking and teach him a few knots. That's what I'll be doing.
  12. Thanks for starting my day off the right way, Justin. LMAO F&F, I watched Tom Silva install some panels on a house a few months ago. I guarantee you the roof doesn't leak. If you have a contractor who isn't a mouthbreather, there won't be a problem. You can't disregard a technology because there are idiots installing it who don't know how to use flashing. One thing I've realized over the course of my six month break from participation here, watching from the sidelines...threads like these are ridiculous because it's just a bunch of guys who know nothing about the subject spewing their uneducated nonsensical opinions. Everyone knows everything. That's not directed at anyone in particular.
  13. Unfortunately it's a challenge for most people. I'll go more obscure next time.
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