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  1. Usually at 260 and dropping you will continue to see more clarity and it should be wadeable. Streamers will be the game. When its stained and moving like it is now nymphs and dries rarely produce much in my experience. It has produced really well on streamers before however at that cfs. A lot of it just depends on water clarity. Hope this helps.
  2. @2sheds I called the forest service before I headed out there in case they had it closed like some of the other streams in the Ozarks. They had minimal damage and the campground was good to go.
  3. Fished LP on Saturday. Was worried the water would be a little high and possibly make fishing difficult since I have never fished the creek when it was running above 400 cfs. But it made for less stealthy approaches and fish were eager to eat once I figured them out. There were some tricos coming off in the am, as well as some scattered caddis and PMDs. However the fish were not rising very regularly, so I mostly nymphed the deeper slower pools. Fish were found mostly in the tail-outs of pools or behind structure. The creek and fish looked to be in great shape after the floods. Brought around
  4. @bkbying89 Its nice, it was my first fly rod, so it has a special place with me and has seen a lot of good fish. It says its a moderate fast action I believe on their website, but its much more of a fast action, since most sage stuff is faster. Its a great nymphing rod and handles pretty big streamers well being a 6wt. But I would not buy one for throwing dries. I have a Sage Mod which is a bit more pricey, buy a great rod!
  5. Got out earlier in the week since the forecast was calling for lots of rain, and the streams were most likely going to get blown out. Hit up my favorite creek to test out some new streamers I tied in search of some Spring Small Jaws. I was not disappointed. They were caught deep and shallow in slower water, most fish were fat and seemed to be pre-spawn, however I did stumble across some on beds, and let them do their thing. Here are a few better ones from earlier in the week and a couple from a few weeks back. Things are only going to get better here soon with Summer on its way! Tight lines.
  6. Nice Fish, That creek is amazing. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Ventured down to the Eleven Point last weekend with a friend for some camping, floating, and fishing. Average 65 degree weekends in February don't always show up, so we were excited to get out on the water. We ended up deciding we would only float from Greer to Turner and move at a snails pace, picking apart each good looking stretch of water as we went. Friday was bluebird skies and warm, probably nearing 70 degrees. Fishing in this weather although very enjoyable, made it a little tougher then usual, but we still managed around 13-14 rainbows a piece. Saturday brought light rain and overcast
  8. @snagged in outlet 3 Why are the not stocking Busch this year, any insight? I actually enjoy fishing 28 on those cold days during the winter every now and then. Thats unfortunate. As far as it being really warm, I would imagine water temps are cool enough, seem to be in the upper 60s lower 70s on most lakes.
  9. I myself own a jackson cuda and a jackson coosa. Both kayaks are great. There a little on the pricey side, but totally worth the investment, and depending on what kind of vehicle you have, you can get racks that make load / unloading very easy... My two cents is the same as Dman said above, get a sit on top that has comfortable seating and spend the extra money. Most of the newer name brand sit on top kayaks are extremely durable, very very stable, unsinkable, and have ample room for dry storage so your overnight river floats are done with ease... Hope this helps. Cheers.
  10. @DownStream I just take the photos with my iPhone and then fix them up a little with some editing software on my phone... Been thinking about getting a good camera that can take some nice macro shots...
  11. Got out to one of my favorite creeks yesterday evening. Water was lower then expected and gin clear. This made it very easy to find fish and they were eager to eat. Got into 10 - 12 smallmouth in the 12 - 14 inch range, a few large goggle-eye, and a couple smaller black bass. The creek was in great shape which I was glad to see. Waded downstream to a larger hole with very little current and managed a new personal best for this creek, as well as my best smallmouth of this year! Fish was released healthy and hopefully will be caught another day. A few pics for your viewing pleasure. Chee
  12. Awesome post! Thanks for sharing!
  13. Those little creek sallies are the best. So much fight. Lets see some of those 17-18 inch creek smallies next time! Those are brutes for creek fish and few and far between... Thanks for sharing!
  14. @Johnsfolly I had just let go and snapped the pic right before it swam off. I try to do that often, but they usually don't turn out due to the fish taking off to quick.
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