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  1. I heard about boiling springs being destroyed but how did wilderness ridge fair?
  2. Thanks for the info Al. I'll look into complaining to to the govenor and my state senator. i was just surprised that this was happening is all. it seems like they provide a service to a lot of folks. 15,000 a year seems odd but then again i have no idea on what it takes to up keep those. It seems to me that the gauges in national riverways could be taken over by them? I wonder on the other streams where there is multiple outfitters that they'd want to work to keep them going? i was just curious on info. thanks for the responses!
  3. I've been checking a few different stream gages lately on USGS and it had a note in yellow that this or that gage may be discontinued as of July 1st? Does anyone have any info on this? That would be a shame to me at least because i use them a lot... Thanks.
  4. I was on the way to lane spring yesterday but at last minute continued on to mill. Hadn't been there in along time. Just got a euro nymphing centric rod and wanted to try it out. It was good to see mill running with some better flow and color. Caught 15ish little guys on pheasant tails and Hare's ears as a double rig. Swinging peacock soft hackle on way back downstream. I agree that fly pattern isn't that important you just got to be confident with it and stick with it if that makes sense. Also as mentioned above stealth is key.
  5. I've had a few killer days at mill over the last couple years. As they mentioned above not many of size but they fight!!! Soft hackles and hare's ears mostly. Some of the prettiest wild trout I've seen in MO. Spring creek I haven't had much luck, however, I haven't fished it very much. It's a pretty stream and I'm eager to return.
  6. Eric82

    Wade Trip

    Let me know when you planning on going if you want i could meet ya there. Unless you want solitude which is also understandable...
  7. Eric82

    Wade Trip

    I'd have to second ness when he mentioned the Little Piney. My favorite smaller stream. You can park under the 63 hwy bridge or, as i do, park at the parking area at the gate at Lane Springs since the park is closed. Although its closed people are welcome to park at the parking area at the gate and walk down the hill thru the field to the river. The fish are wild and most of the time are eager...
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