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  1. joeD

    What's Cooking?

    Starting a fishing forum. Food recipes will ( and should!) be the focus!! So many chefs of excellence out there 🍗! Keep those “fish “ pics coming!👍👊🎣.
  2. Washington State Park will be effectively closed. As far as rentals and shuttles are concerned. It'll be helpee selfee. I'll take the Big this time of year. Don't expect non stop action. Hit and miss but a chance for a good one.
  3. joeD


    My favorite stogie is the one I’m smokin. Sorry. Tres pathetique.
  4. joeD


    I smoked 5 cigars Saturday. I must have been in between, which is highly unusual for me to catch a nice one without a rolled tobacco product in my pie hole.
  5. joeD

    Last Cast

    As you can see, my anger almost got the best of me... but after strangulation, the fish was released to warn black bears...
  6. joeD

    Cast iron

    The key to cast iron is being poor in Depression era Appalachia.
  7. joeD


    Good luck. The only lips that will be sore will be human, from flapping them up and down about the lack of catching big browns. Along with sharing bottles.
  8. https://www.swpa.gov/gen/tue.htm
  9. joeD


    Go further down brother. Big river is a champ this time of year. Mammoth Merrill Browns. Giddy up!
  10. Yes, if you were looking for validation on your lure choice, then you might be right. Your float area and the fish said otherwise. It happens. But, you already knew that. Right?
  11. We need a picture of an even bigger and better fish, like a tarpon. To make sure that trout is put in it’s place. Yeah. I caught a SHARK!
  12. joeD

    What's Cooking?

    Didn’t cook this evening.
  13. We spend thousands and thousands of dollars to catch nice trout in exotic locations and that’s okay. Some class warfare grumbling aside, no one blinks. Someone catches a monster in our backyard, and apparently a crime has been committed. As if he(us) , and the fish, is somehow undeserving of our respect and good will. Once again, I’d rather laugh with the sinners, than cry with the saints.
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