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  1. Hey guys, I posted this in the "Buy - Sell - Trade" forum but thought it'd be of interest to duck hunters more than fisherman. See link below for the full listing.
  2. Asking $11,000. I'm in Rogers, AR and can meet within a reasonable distance for serious offers. 2013 WC Custom (18’ long x 50” wide x 22” sides) 1/8” hull 2012 Gatortail 35 GTR (140hrs) 18’ Trailer w/ spare tire Boat: - 4’ front deck w/ pedestal seat base, storage hatch, 5 gal gas tank, battery. Minnkota 45 edge trolling motor, removable 20” light bar and LED pods - Multi position deck with pedestal seat base. Can be positioned rear or middle or removed completely - Rear hunt deck w/ dog ladder, fish finder attachment, LED pod - Removable grab bar w/ RAM mount - Bilge pu
  3. Floated a river in the far SW corner of MO last thursday and where there was calm water and clean gravel, there were beds. Feeding was slow and the typical lures that produce on that stretch weren't working. I sat over a few of the bedding areas and watched for awhile. Males were corralling the females, lots of action down there
  4. Appreciate the advice Al. I have low expectations for fishing on this float unless you can convince me otherwise. This time of year has never treated me terribly well so I usually sit back and enjoy the scenery and save my fishing energy for a little later in the spring. We have set aside a couple hours before the float for shuttling our own cars / canoes. Doesn't look like the shortest shuttle route but it beats some of the other rivers I've done.
  5. Trying to put together the logistics of an upcoming float, this will be my first 2 nighter on the Jack's and have heard some concerns on leaving cars overnight at a couple of the access points. I'm looking at the salvation army camp access downstream a few miles from Buck Hollow for the put in. Won't be getting on the water till 3pm Friday and would like to camp at Jam Up Cave so that stretch should be doable before dark. Saturday float from Jam up to Chalk bluff then finish the rest on sunday down to Bay Creek Access. So the question is, does anyone see reason for concern leaving cars at the
  6. Good to hear, I've been itching to get on the river and was hoping it would pick up soon. Nice looking fish!
  7. Vinsott, I do a fair share of night fishing during the summer and have fished the 12 bridge a few times. it is hit or miss some nights, still not really sure of the rhyme or rhythm but it sure beats getting toasted in the sun. I have a decent fishfinder and mine will do the same. After some discussion and experimenting I have concluded that the fishfinder is bottoming out on bait fish below the light. A fun trick that worked for me was to turn off my submerged light and watch the bottom magically reappear as the baitfish dispersed. It gave me fits for the longest time but I am almost positive
  8. From my recent experience both stretches provide quality fish, honestly could not say one was better than the other. Snow to Kelly's with this water level is a long float but doable in two days. Depends on how you like to fish: plastics on bottom and thoroughly working the holes I'd go with the shorter option; working buzzbaits, cranks or the like covering water quickly you could do the longer. Be careful with where you plan on camping, there are some really nice people out there and there are some really nasty ones as well. Good luck
  9. I've fished it on the busy days and it is possible. You cast when you can and when you can't, sip on a cold one. fish slow and in the deeper holes. Also fast stretches where people can't park the rafts and canoes will hold some as well. Any small soft plastic should work and buzzbaits are fun if you get out early or late when things die down. Watermelon red plastics and chartreuse buzzes are my go to.
  10. Nathan, I've tried to catch the whites before they move all the way up in the arms before the run and I can say that it has been slim pickings at best. Last year, we caught some from late feb to mid march from horseshoe to pt 12. They would be in very concentrated groups of a couple hundred or more and not biting very readily. We vertical jigged and ran cranks through the groups but they were moving so fast you could hardly stay on them. I think they go into move mode once they enter the arms and don't care as much about eating until they near their destination. This is an assumption but has b
  11. Well done Scott, hopefully the whites won't be too far behind, I'm sick of driving north for any decent fishing, scare em all this way!
  12. That cold weather does a number on boats. I rode along with a buddy Sat AM and just about everything short of his motor exploding and sinking the boat happened. Frozen steering, shorted wires, snapped throttle cable, you name it. Still managed a few birds but was far more exhausting than we were hoping for. Hopefully the remainder of the season is a bit more accommodating haha.
  13. I've got one priced and I will be getting my information to them shortly. She's going on the wall!
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