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  1. I had a blast, got to spend all day Saturday fishing with Bryan, and Friday evening with Phil and Duane. We caught plenty of fish both days!
  2. jtram

    New trout boat

    Come ride with me in my supreme L60 30 yamaha jet.its a cadillac.
  3. I have been known to fish at night. Im in.
  4. Looks like ill be hitting town by early to mid afternoon tomorrow, is anybody else going to be there in time to fish? Generation is showing off by mid morning (if I remember what i saw).
  5. Looking like i might be able to fish Friday afternoon and Saturday. If I can I will have a boat with plenty of room for 2-3 others.
  6. Yup, i had forgotted. Ill get busy Christmas works best for me as well. Ill get on it tonight..... or something like that.
  7. If capps hasn't dissapointed you yet, you must not fish it much ?. I fish it in the range of 30 times a year (conservative estimate. I live 5 min away) and she can be a cruel cruel mistress. But when she is in the mood she can be great. Even when the stocking truck has been missing for a good while.
  8. True story, Capps truly has some potential. It could grow some good fish but everybody and their stringer prevents it from happening. Even with the pressure their are a FEW good holdover fish. I could go off on a whiney tangent but I believe that I will just go fish it this evening?
  9. The one u speak of is a rainbow, I've been fishing to him for 3 weeks. I caught him twice last winter/spring, he is smarter now than then?
  10. For sale S&W model 10-8 .38 special, nice gun. $375
  11. jtram

    I fished

    Blah, we got birds back in yesterday, my escape never came?. I had like 5 hrs to do something between work and Birthday Donner tonight. I'm ready to get you in the boat and run some rivers the wrong way before it gets cold!
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