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  1. Tried to walk to gravel bar up from 10c today but concrete bridge on the path is under water. Haven’t been there since last year. Did it get washed out or is the water just that high right now? Is there another path up to the gravel bar?
  2. Perfect! I appreciate it and will check it out. Thank you.
  3. Looking at putting in at 43 and floating down. Any takeout locations a few miles below 43 that I could park a car?
  4. Thank wily. We wound up trying the trout pit. No luck. Didn’t see anybody else catching anything either.
  5. Would like to take my son over tonight to catch some catfish. I know there is some in trout pit. What’s other pits would we have good luck at from the bank?
  6. Zigjigman - That’s a nice one but that’s a grass carp instead of a common carp.
  7. I need a common carp for temporary use. $40 reward for the first person in Joplin area to bring me a LIVE common carp over 10 pounds. It must be live and cannot have any holes in it from bowfishing. I am not buying the fish. I am paying to use it and it will be released when I’m finished. As a bonus, the reward will increase to $50 if the fish is over 20 pounds.
  8. Thanks for the responses. I’ve floated this section before and it can be done in a day (usually takes me dawn to dusk if I fish it hard) but we want to make two days out of it so we can camp remotely and play more. Not looking for a outfitter campsite on this trip, just primitive along the river somewhere in between. Just didn’t want to set up camp on a gravel bar and then have a landowner try to run us off in the middle of the night.
  9. My son and I are getting ready to do a float from Noel to Cowskin. We would like to make it a two day float and camp on a gravel bar along the way. We do NOT want to run into trouble with any landowners. Anybody have any landowner trouble gravel bar camping on this stretch of the river? Any recommended spots to stop and set up camp?
  10. Just moved back to the area. I would rather be floating and fishing than just about anything on Earth. I have kayak and time so let me know if you want to go sometime.
  11. 10 ft. Easterlin Sea Anchor Drift Sock. These are hand made and known to be the best drift socks available. Constructed of 200 Denier nylon, 2" webbing around the top, double stitched with UVR thread. Has draw string with opening to control the flow of water and the speed of drift. Float and weight are sewn in to make this a very easy drift sock to set out and open. Paid $145. Used only one time before I had to sell my boat. In like new condition. Selling for only $100. 479-eightsixsix-71zerofour
  12. Looking at floating the Elk tomorrow. Would like to float between 71 and Mt. Shira but don't have time for the whole stretch. Is there a public put in/ take out at Riverside Inn? I see it in the paddler's guide but have never been there or used it. I was thinking that the stretch along H highway was all private with no access?? Thank you, Larry
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