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  1. I bought the Bioenno Power 50ah last year and love it. Charges quick and is so much lighter than a lead acid. I have the smaller Shawnee 16ft boat with a 55lb min kota and can troll around all day with no issues. Hold power longer due to the flatter power curve versus lad acid too.
  2. We desperately needs the bars/nightlife venues to reopen as well as televised sporting events to resume ASAP. That should cut back on the crowds hopefully. Maybe even an annual kayak registration fee?
  3. Def some interesting changes being proposed, go check it out.
  4. I launched at Wildcat that day and had similar results, lots of fish and tons of traffic. Dang near needed stop lights and a traffic boat cop directing people, kinda unreal but the fishing was good so go figure.
  5. Dr Paul! hey buddy it's Marcus (and Kiley). I'd say if you are a skilled boater and are inclined to err on the side of safety/caution when needed then go for it, especially down lake where it slows down some. I have only been there once when the water was high like it is now and I was in a 14 foot boat and did fine. There are many on here though that are far more knowledgeable than me about Taney, hopefully they will chime in.
  6. One tip is to point the bow of the boat up river that way the water doesn't push on the transom and make you go faster than you want, you're probably already doing that. I use a bow mounted foot controlled trolling motor make lots of very small adjustments. Although I've floated/fished solo countless times in my boat I still bang into stuff every now and then.
  7. the Cossatot river - the craziest river I've ever fished, just a brutal but beautiful landscape, almost like another planet.
  8. I got the 16 because it would fit in a small garage but would love to have a 20 someday. The 16 works out decently from a space perspective for fishing 2 people, especially when both anglers are familiar with the best practices of boat fishing, but you get a dog or a person not so familiar with boating in there and it gets small quick... 3 people and gear and you gotta basically act like you're in a canoe or raft almost... but overall I enjoy it and it gets the job done. I can carry 8 rods, fly or conventional and a decent amount of gear. Definitely not a speed boat and you'll be basically plo
  9. cat fishing ... mind blown... looks like a great time!
  10. zmcc6 - I have done this trip and it is a blast. We did 2 nights and 3 full days of floating. The last sections required quite a bit of paddling to get to the White so be prepared to work for it in near the end. You might want to consider bringing: extra paddle or 2. If you lose one, especially right when you get started, it'll make for a long hard trip. Walmart has some sort of environmentally safe soap options if you plan to bathe in the river. Don't forget some whiskey to keep you warm on those chilly nights Tarp and rope
  11. sounds like a great trip, nice fish
  12. Excellent report. We had similar results on Sunday at the White. Fishing was much better from 7 to 11 around Rim than the rest of the day above Wildcat, by mid-afternoon it was basically casting practice.
  13. Just got off the phone with Dally's, they said water clarity was good and the fishing was about the same. They did mention some mud lines were present. Projecting 1-2 units until Newport gauge/Mississippi goes down however I think the M is looking to crest this weekend. Could be only 1-2 generators on for a few weeks? We are coming over on Sunday. Gunna try out my new Airstream rod spooled with 6lb Nano, don't have any Zig Jigs though... Have 10 dozen on order but I'll just have to swing back buy to try'em out. Thanks for the reco on that Ham, I need all the help I can get...
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