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 I have Been fly fishing beaver tailwaters for about 3 years now. I have streamer fished under generation and nymped as well, ive had some success streamer fishing, but very little success nymphing during generation. What are some good nypmhing rigs for floating\ drift fishing under generation? 


Thanks Guys,

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I fish Taney mostly, but do fish the white. Fundamentally they fish the same, they both have fluctuation CFS/ Depth, and are bottom release dams. Lot's of patterns work, this time of year egg patterns, I usually nymph with a san juan attractor and an aquatic insect(more bugs species on the white) dropper or egg pattern, especially this time of year.  Might use a mega worm, they can work well.  I think most folks new to nymphing these tail waters are not getting their bugs deep enough via enough split shot and leader length. If the water is ripping leader size is not as important, but if water is clear and fish educated then you can move to smaller sizes, but with a heavy rig, you'll need 5x or more. When water ripping 5x and 4x seem to work fine.   Drift is sorta important, but more important is getting down to them.

Fishing reports will give you the bugs, make sure you're getting down to them. 

Oh yeah, almost forgot Scuds :)


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The main reason I generally dislike tailwaters is because techniques designed for riffle/run/pool type fisheries (rivers) just aren't very effective.  Tailwaters fishing, IMO, is more tailored to bobber fishing (ie: soaking a scud/midge) and fishing streamers, or jigs on spinning gear.  

After pretty much avoiding tailwater stuff for years I have recently started enjoying fishing Taney during low flows with streamers, soft hackles, and dry flys.   Now THAT is fun.   

I can only stare at a bobber for so long before I start thinking of other things I'd rather be doing.....like washing/waxing my truck, or raking leaves.  

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In my experience nymphing in generation it's the same flies that work as in low water but like DPITT said you gotta make sure you get deep enough. Some go by the 1.5X rule so if the water is 8foot deep in theory you need to get your set up after the indicator/bobber 12 feet long... OR make it 8-10 foot long with an adequate amount of weight to get down directly below(ish) the indicator/bobber and stay there. 

"If people don't occasionally walk away from you shaking their heads, you're doing something wrong." John Gierach

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