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  1. wrench's green stripers are on the pill too? 😂
  2. Casey Scanlon guides last I heard, pretty sure he knows a thing or two.
  3. Agree with that for the most part, but if you’ve invested in the tool and are trying to consistently make some money on a trail I’d imagine you’re going to use it no matter what. You know “biting” doesn’t always mean “eating” either, pissing off a female on a bed that’s staring at you and guarding eggs is a different ballgame than those suspended fish :)
  4. probably not a hot take, but there’s a jerkbait bite to be had right now.
  5. They sure have to be by now. Spent Saturday AM chasing bass on Stockton and Mother Nature must’ve thought I was looking skinny. Two of these slabs hit a squarebill and one choked a half ounce spinnerbait, go figure. Walter also choked the blade. Sure was nice getting away from boat docks.
  6. Bass fish all day, fill the freezer in the evening. No better way to spend a day on the water.
  7. was out in it this morning in a kayak, and this one definitely was not sluggish.
  8. should get better once the rain slows down and days get consistently hotter.
  9. anybody hear stories behind any of the top fish? saw the 7.98 came in the first time slot... i'd have heartburn out the yang praying for that weight to stick all weekend 😅
  10. Was thinking about heading down this weekend but probably gonna stay put until that slime clears out. These Kansas brown fish are too much fun to leave anyway. 👻
  11. and a heck of a lot less time doing it too.
  12. Co-angling and Roth contribution for me Plug, now I just need to live long enough to see it. 😁
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