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  1. slosh

    We All Die

    Paul Dallas must have rubbed some people the wrong way.
  2. slosh

    We All Die

    C'mon ColdWaterFshr! that adds no value to this post. Why stir the pot? I respect everyone's religious beliefs (or lack thereof). I get why you believe or don't. I don't think I'm anymore "right" than the next person. If we were born in another place or time, we might think differently. Throughout history, humans try to understand and explain things (what happens after we die, what is thunder and lightning, why does the sun rise and set, why is the earth flat, etc) . I've come to the conclusion that religion/gods are a way for humans to explain the unexplainable (in my humble opinion).
  3. The Upper Current trails are horse trails. I'm not sure if they're legal. They are REALLY overgrown this time of year. You can go from Baptist all the way to Akers. I've done it. Google maps should help. Parker to Akers is a lot of old road which you can see from google maps. There are also trails along parts of the river but overgrown now. This is mainly trout water although you can catch an occasional smallie. Fall, Winter and Spring are great times to be on the trail and on a river. Summer....not so much (in my humble opinion). Recommend Cedar Grove to Welch Spring. You can explore the Wel
  4. From Stegall mountain to the Current river is probably my favorite section of the OT. Great views on Stegall, rocky falls, klepzig mill, some cool shut ins on rocky creek. Have done the entire trail from the Western Terminus to Onondaga (not all at once). I actually have a section of the OT I maintain. Anyway, on to the fishing and backpacking. This time of year can be really overgrown. I prefer to just wade In the river and fish and camp on a gravel bar. There’s also a new section of trail from Round Spring thru Echo Bluff State Park and finishes at Current River State Park (about 5ish river
  5. I had a blast for the 2.5 years I was there. Gradumucated back in Dec 97.
  6. The only place I've seen a rattlesnake in the wild was the same area a few years ago - on the katy south of 40/61. We rode our bikes our to Defiance and had to hightail it back before it got dark. We saw a copperhead and a rattlesnake on the katy between between the Weldon Access and the hwy 40 bridge. I stopped and we got close to the rattlesnake. Told my 7 or 8 year old daughter at the time how lucky she was to see one so young. There's a healthy population behind Six Flags. Know of quite a few folks who have jumped over them while trail running. That'll put a little more pep in your st
  7. Gotcha. So sounds like in your opinion it won't hurt the fishery. That's good. Thanks for the reply.
  8. This post brought me out of hiding. I'm not a lake fisherman at all, have never even used a fish finder. Do you think these electronics will have a negative impact on the fishery in the future? I hope not. Maybe most lake fisherman don't have the electronics yet but they will in the future when the prices go down. Folks will for sure be catching more since it sounds like it's a real game changer. Do you think more people will keep more fish and cause the fishing to be worse since there's not as many fish? Or the fish are more heavily pressured whereas before, they didn't see near as many lures
  9. Topwater fishing of any kind is hands down the best! Congrats on the nice browns.
  10. I’m you’re huckleberry CWF. Just don’t crack my rib, ha.
  11. Gavin, I'll gladly take them for $40.
  12. Thanks for the report. Enjoyed reading it. That's awesome you got to see the bobcat too.
  13. Thanks awhuber! I like it! Gonna be a bit of a haul for canoes & gear now. Speaking of which, do you know if there's any reason we can't put canoes in there now?
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