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  1. "It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt" Mark Twain.
  2. 1.) Whatever the hell they want to be...who gives a crap, and why does it upset you? People love to get involved in dictating the lives of other people for no reason. 2.) If a tranny decides to lick their balls and piss on tires....they would probably be arrested. I have yet to see any gay or trans gendered people doing anything more inappropriate than any straight couple. 3.) Def not pandering, this is quite insulting to lots of people with mental health problems, its really unfortunate folks think this way.... People kill themselves is all that needs to be said...youve never wal
  3. mjk86

    May 6th

    That's dangerous...You'll never wanna leave!
  4. Not too bad. I can't make up my mind on lake 6.
  5. mjk86

    May 6th

    I dream of stockton too. I wish more than anything I could make it down there more often! Great fish!!
  6. Good on him for getting that fish back ASAP, those things are def rare in 35, especially those size ones. If your interested in the crappie, go back and take a look at my crappie reports over the last year or two. I spell out exactly what i do.....exactly the same thing as Big Keene, like he said, this time of year, probably any 2-3 inch paddle tail swimmin minnow. It works awesome on most of the lakes up there
  7. There are a few fellers ive talked to that can catch em with semi frequency...Ive seen a few pics, seen 1 caught, and caught 1 myself....none were even remotely the size of that one though. Id guess most are between 25 and 35 inches long.
  8. Holy moly!!!!!!!!! Wow this is Def not what I was expecting to see! Get a measurement? I've seen some pics of lots of 35 musky and that's by far the biggest yet. That's seriously like a fish of a lifetime. Congrats on that fish, way to go dad!! Casting and drifting small jigs will put you on crappie at 35.
  9. Works awesome! 1/32 or 1/64th oz ball jig, no collar #6 hook. 2 inch plastic trailer of your choice, dab o loctite. Cast, count, reel at 1 turn every 3 seconds. Throw it on 4# mono, light power fast action rod, size 30 spinning reel. Works well on the bottom, just above the bottom, or if the bottom is all vegetation swim it over the grass.
  10. Great report! Flicker shads are the best!
  11. Awesome report, I really enjoy you targeting species that i would never even consider or even known existed. Great pics too!
  12. Pull night crawlers on jigs or spinner rigs and troll flicker shads. Prolly start shallow (10ft) and work your way out to 20. Good walleye spots for me have been around the masters islands. Chicken rock area, and around point 7, but they are all over. I typically don't get down there till at least late may, but that works well for me then.
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