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  1. thanks for the updates. Coming down next weekend to the niangua areas. can't wait, bass should be bedding at that point correct?
  2. ROUGH morning yesterday. Only caught 1, worked topwater and spinner in pockets. Going to try some deeper water this morning. if you guys are seeing anything else let me know. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the info! My dad loves to fish deep pockets and loves to fish topwater around visible brush in 3-5ft of water. You think he will be able to work that pattern at least in the morning?
  4. My family is heading down to Indian Point for a quick vacation this next week and looking to do some fishing and going out near indian point. we are regular joes with an older bass boat so no moving to other areas for us. I did some searching and the most recent reports are showing bass still in 30ft of water, but those were from about 10 days ago. I was wondering with the recent cool if the water temp has lowered and if they are moving out of that summer pattern to the fall pattern. Any ideas are helpful, in general, my dad who i am fishing with doesn't like to fish in 30ft of
  5. how do you think the storm rolling in on thursday going to affect the spawn? will they pull off the beds and head to deeper water?
  6. We are staying at the same resort this weekend. We have been going down there for several years and it is a great resort for white bass too, but mainly in the fall. never caught a single walleye down there and don't see many people targeting the stripers. Fishing for crappie is great down in that area, and bass is hit or miss depending on where the spawn is at. you might have a ton of fun fishing topwater. I think we will be a weekend early for that topwater bite.
  7. thanks, let's hope that by this weekend they are hitting them. to me that is the most fun fishing. that and the ned rig....for some odd reason i love fishing that.
  8. thanks for the article. Are you guys seeing this as a pattern right now? Heading down this weekend, and would love to be working topwater!
  9. this time of year is always tricky for us. We have had snow, we have had 90 degrees, we have had torrential downpours and 100 year floods. Sometimes they are in full on spawn, sometimes they are prespawn, sometimes the spawn is completely over. So it never seems to be the same year after year. We only get down there 2 times a year at most. In the past, as we get closer someone who fishes in that area gives me a few pointers as to what seems to be working. I always appreciate that because 9 times out of 10 that's what we are able to use to have some fun. So long story short, t
  10. I'm heading down to the Camdenton area for my yearly trip with my dad and lifelong buddies on May 3rd. Always looking for tips and tricks for where the Bass are going to be at next week, and what everyone is seeing. We will be fishing from Linn Creek down the Niangua arms. All suggestions in that area are greatly appreciated. I will be checking now through the weekend and will bump as we get closer. I will be sure to update with anything that I find while I am down there.
  11. Rough day fishing. Couldn't find the whites and the largemouth were hard to find. Anyone have any luck?
  12. Thanks for the info....we just want to catch fish Looks like it is a good weekend for it....can't wait!
  13. Anyone hear how the largemouth and white bass are hitting? Coming down for the last time this weekend, and would love to hear what you guys are seeing!
  14. Anyone hear how the largemouth and white bass are hitting? Coming down for the last time this weekend, and would love to hear what you guys are seeing!
  15. interesting weekend fishing. Thursday was slow, Friday morning very slow....few shorts all on PBJ NED.....i tried most other things along with the guy was fishing with to see if we could find another pattern, but the wind was a killer in our little rented boat. So we golfed on friday afternoon, good idea since there were 20mph gusts. Saturday the color was getting better fishing got better in the morning parter caught a few on topwater, i kept at it with the PBJ NED rig and caught 2 keepers about 5.5LBs total weight between them.....no discernable pattern that we could find. I c
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