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  1. my son and I are attending my bil 60th the 19th then headed to table rock. Plan is to fish Taney Como and below powersite Dam from boat. Any striper info would be appreciated. Question? Is it legal to use trout for striper bait? They love them in TN. thanks in advance!
  2. I had one rainbow in my hand yesterday, 5/28, just down from Fall Creek. Then Nada, zip. My son was sunburnt, we had put two kayaks in below the dam, found fish wiling to bite just below the "funnel", the horn at the dam had blown just as we were putting in. So the water was coming up fast, we beached on the island, and kept having to pull the yaks further and further up until the level stabilized. A nice whirlpool developed, we could see the trout at the bottom. Kyle never got a hit on a jig, but I did get a couple of brief hook ups on a nymph w/scud below it. Encouraging but nothing to the hand. As we finally floated past Fall Creek, powerbait went on the jig, and fish on! I was trying to get it unhooked, exclaiming what a beautiful fish!, and it unhooked it's self and went back to the water. That was it for Tuesday. Kyle didn't want to fish today, the 29th, so I was putting the kayak in at Lilley's dock, a guy Brad helped me carry it down the bank to the water. I have owned and paddled Ocean Kayak Sit On Top kayaks since 2006, and have NEVER tipped one, until today. I got in kneeling instead of turning and sitting down in it from the side, and my center of gravity was way too high, and over I went, in about 6 foot of 50 degree Taneycomo water. Cold. I was startled, and briefly thought about the $200 fly combo, the spinning combo, my video camera, etc., when the survival instinct kicked in and I just had to get out of the water NOW. I pushed the kayak, upside down, to the bank, climbed out, Brad was now asking me if I needed help, (he asked if I needed help getting in just a moment before, I should have taken him up on it), I said I was ok, then started saying "my rods, my tackle, my camera" and Brad went into action, fishing my rods out of the water w/a long handled net, joking w/me about extortion, how much to stay quiet and not tell my wife, etc., etc. He really was a big help, THANKS BRAD! I got all my gear up on the gangway, drying out, reels out of the water, video camera is still in a bag of rice, hopeful but doubtful about it. It was while I was getting everything out to dry on the gangway I realized my glasses had fallen from my head, $400-$500 glasses. Brad was kind enough to take me to his van (he was doing some staining and painting at Lilley's) show me some of his tackle and jigs and flies he ties, a pic of his 40" trout, GAVE me a eyeglass restraint, and a little bag for my loose tackle. He then grabbed his polarized glasses, and we went to the dock again, he spotted my glasses, and retrieved them with the net. So, all in all, I lost nothing but a whole bunch of pride, I am duly humbled. and Thankful, Somewhere it says "it is appointed but once for man to die, and then judgement" and it was NOT my appointment w/death today. Thank You Jesus. So, I dried everything out, got back in the yak, and fished across from Lilley's dock, NOTHING. After lunch, I took a nap, and got up to find my wife and son were gone w/my sister and Bro-in-Law, so I went up to the south side of the dam, a fellow Mark recommended I check it out, right around 5 or so. As I arrived the horn sounded, and the water came up, I was throwing a Brown/Rust jig, w/strike indicator, w/my 8wt, and they were on. 5 trout in 10-15 minutes, I think one was a Brown, I lost both jigs I had w/me (left my tackle at the cabin) to the rocks, but what a great finale to a difficult, but rewarding day. I know this is a lengthy note, but what an awesome place. Lilley's is a gift from God, so peaceful, Eric down on the dock has been very helpful, the guys in the office/store are great, and the guests are wonderfully laid back and pleasant as well. I'll be back. One more full day tomorrow, we'll hit the dam around noon when the schedule shows one turbine coming on. LMJ
  3. thanks both of you for the info. Now I understand pink meat is a good thing. I hear you on the anchor ubear, I've anchored in moving water, (I'm addicted to the Little Miami River here at home, hence my name) there is a limit to how fast I wold want to actually "anchor", not saying the chains won't hang up, but that is one reason I use a chain anchor, it's more of a drift aid than an actual anchor, unless in still water. I picked up some additional brownish marabou's in 1/8 and 1/32, as well as 4lb flouro, to try to slim my offerings down. I'm used to 20 -30 lb braid and 4-2 lb leaders is a huge step in finesse for me. I'll have to be a bit more sensitive during my hook set and retreive. LMJ
  4. thanks for the report, we'll be at Lilly's next Monday thru Friday, hope to have some catching. You can have the Silver Dollar City, I will be catching up w/ my son Kyle and enjoying time w/my wife, and sister and her family. Hoping to drift from kayaks, might have to drag a chain anchor. Would that damage the bottom in a harmful way? I don't want to tear the habitat up. How deep is Taneycomo, on the upper end? Anyway, great report glad you got some. Can I ask what you mean by "pink meat", is that a problem? Thanks Jeff
  5. Congrats Phil and Lilly's!!!! 30 years! I'll be there with my lovely wife of 12 years this Sunday the 12th, Kathy, Memorial Day week. Cool, we'll be entered for the drawing. I have 30 years in June too: Free from drugs and alcohol. As you said Phil, God is Faithful, and has set us free from Sin, Death and Hell. And in this life, we have an abundance of life, as He died for us that we might live, we die with Him daily so we too, might have HIM live in and through us. Hallelujah! See you in a few weeks. LMJ
  6. Thanks Lilley! the more I read your posts, the more I'm looking forward to that week after Memorial Day, won't be long. I'll be paddling Ocean Kayaks into the tail waters, how turbulent are the boils? LMJ BTW: I see you mention sculpin jigs, and white jigs, you'll have these available at Lilley's?
  7. Nice size rainbow. What are the average Rainbow and Brown sizes in the Upper Taneycomo?
  8. Here's one way to do it from shore, just below the turbine house at Markland Dam on the Ohio river. The video above is using a "launcher" bobber and a lead jig (1/4oz) w/white grub tail. The launcher helps you get it OUT THERE and keeps it up close to surface while you cause a top water commotion. Spits and draws attention to your jig tail. This method below a dam is at the flood gates, if you can't get to the gate from a deck like this, use a surf rod to get your lead head out and into the flow, I'm using 2oz egg weight, set up carolina style, with a leader and another 1/2 oz lead jig w/fluke tail. Let enough slack in line when you first cast into "seam" in current, for lead to drop to bottom, then take up the slack and let it bounce along the bottom. You'll snag and lose set ups, but this is where the fish are hanging in the hydraulic eddies underwater, waiting for dinner to flow by. This is of course fishing from shore below dams, so much different from lake fishing from the shore. LMJ
  9. Thanks guys, I'll take your info under advisement. Hope they are running turbines......
  10. Hmmm, let's see: if a picture is worth a thousand words, that's 3000 words......
  11. Hog Wally the few times I've fished Bagnell, use a "launcher" bobber, either make one w/billy bob bobber, slide a wire leader through it, clip a 1 oz sinker on the slimmer end, and tape it to the bobber, Wind the tape around the bobber to the top, keeps the line from snagging in the slot. That is your Launcher. Tie a fluke or fluke jr,, Sluggo 4" or 6", match the bait size in the water, to an 18" leader, Have a swivel on the other end of leader, and clip both leader w/tail and Launcher to your line. I like to use 8'6" MH or H rods with braid, and toss that combo upstream across the flow of water from the dam/turbine boil. Retrieve with jerky, rod tip straight up, motion, make that launcher spit water all over and walk, like a top water Spook. If the whites are in there, they'll come over and check it out. Wipers will too. White flukes, or Shad metalflake work well. Or, tie a 1/4 oz lead head on, w/white grub tail, leave a 12" tail on your line, and tie a 1/8 lead head on, white grub. Throw that combo across the flow upstream at an angle, vary your retrieve from fast to slow, you'll catch skipjack on it too, if they are in there. LMJ
  12. Hey guys I'm not new here on OA, but I live in Cincinnati, OH so I don't post much. I've done well below Bagnell dam in the tailwaters, and will be spending Memorial Day week at Lilly's Landing next month. I am an addicted tailwater junkie, and wondered, as I look at the Google pics of Powersite tail water, where would you park to fish the turbine boils from the bank, or do you access this from boat only? I can put the yak in and paddle to that little island, depending on water levels. What levels do you have the best results? I have a penchant for stripers and hybrids, but I understand walleyes, and trout, can be caught at this tailwater as well? Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and God Bless! LMJ Here's one of my Bagnell Dam wipers:
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