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Fishing Report


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Nothing's changed in over a week. Same water level, same chalky color. Me and Bill are going out to try to catch fish on a fly rod today.

Roark is still the hot spot. Drifting power eggs from Monkey down thru bridges is still about the best bait drift.

Best way to catch nice trout is drifting scuds up by the dam and below Lookout, spin rod using a drift rig.

Table Rock came up a foot yesterday but is starting to drop again.

Guys- they will NOT change the flow at the dam until Table Rock and Beaver are manageable. We are still under flood control and more rain is in the forecast. We may see flood gates for the whole month of April.

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Coming down on Friday, I'll have to spend a few minutes with you, Phil, just to get some pointers. I'm presuming that the fast running water will make it tricky putting my boat in at the public access next to you. Save a fish or two for me.

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