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3-18-06 Snagging Trip

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My dad and I and two buddies head up to Bagnell for some snagging this past Saturday. When we got there, there was hardly anybody in the parking lot, we figured this was a bad omen. We made our way to the bridge and talked to a couple boats and nobody had any fish at all. We figured we had wasted 2 hours driving up here.

Well we snagged below the bridge a little bit and we hit four bigheads and landed two of them, both about 8-10 lbs. Talked to a few more boats and still not one fish for anybody.

My buddy has a jet motor on his boat so we headed down river to through all of the shallow shoots to Cat Rock. Nobody else was down there becuase of the low water.

I got us started with a paddlefish on my first cast and we ended up catching eight, six keepers and two that didn't measure. The biggest one we caught was my second one and it was 41" long from the eye to the fork of the tail and weighed 28 lbs, it is the biggest we have seen come out of that body of water in a while.

Had a great time, but it still isn't as fun as catching them big spooners that are down on the James River of Tablerock.

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