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Black River

Guest Chris Griffey

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The Black is one of the prettiest rivers in the state. Very very clear water. You can see the rocks on the bottom in 10-12 feet of water. Very nice smallmouth stream. But the clear water can make it tough to fish sometimes too.

It is located in Reynolds County. Near Lesterville MO. I spent a lot of time there each summer as a kid. Learned the river pretty good too, and have caught quite few smallmouth from it.

Early late 70's was some great fishing then the river started getting a littel crowded in the summers and it turned into a ATV and Jeep joy ride paradise. The affects of the ATV and jeeps really tore up the river and hurt the fishing.... But they got that taken care the the river started to rebound some in the late 90's. I have not been down there in a while.. but is it one pretty river during the week.


Thanks for the website!!!

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Chris, can you give an indication of when the river is floatable from Sutton Bluff down to Centreville, and then Lesterville? I'd like to do that stretch but am unsure of floating levels. Also, have you been on the river above Sutton Bluff? Is it floatable above there? Thanks for any help.

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