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Tough Go Of The White Bass Friday Night......ugh.


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We got a later than usual start due to getting out of work late, and then construction traffic had us sitting on the highway an hour plus out from the lake.


Anywho, we got on the water about 9:30 p.m. friday night. The wind was blowing pretty good, overcast blocking the full moon; but the forecasts all had it too die down shortly thereafter. Wulp, they were wrong.


We fought that darn wind until about 1:30 a.m.. The fish just would not cooperate. Using the multiple tried-and-true tactics, in the usual spots; we could only boat a handful of fish. And with windchills in the 40's, that was a bit rough. (We were dressed appropriately, but that wind can be a very demoralizing factor in a boat, not catching fish <_< )


We couldn't touch a thing on the more shallow shorelines, with pea gravel. So we moved out to the main channel along the ledges. I was graphing baitfish, and usually when we drop something through the clouds of baitfish, the white bass are close behind. This was hardly the case. I guess they had a bad case of lockjaw. :mellow:


The winds laid down a bit around 1:00, when the clouds cleared; but it felt like the temps took a harsher dip then too.


Oh well, yah win some, you lose some. :rolleyes:

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