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  1. Mercy.......you did get into some nice ones. Well done!:-)
  2. daughter and I were crappie fishing at Point View Resort by the ‘big island’ on the niangua last weekend? (I didn’t drag the boat, so location didn’t much matter by water) But; they have gas on the water at about $2.00/gallon. We were fishing off the dock and an older couple from out of town came by in desperate need of gas on the water In their new-to-them boat; asking if gas was available. They tried 2 other resorts and pumps weren’t on. I had no clue if Point View pumps were on, so I called the resort and the resort owner came down and I helped fill the guys boat for him. (New boat purchase and he didn’t know where the fill opening was) Ranger multi-species with fill cap at the trolling motor.........who knew???!?!?..........anyway, Super nice folks from Minnesota; glad we could help.:-)
  3. Good night that’s a big crappie! Well done.:-)
  4. That guy hanging on the side riding it down is frightening. Then the dude running towards it at the end is just as bad.........that things a runway fright train, just get outta the darn way!🤦🏻‍♂️
  5. Darn right they will. That’s exactly what happened in other states boat ramps and our local parks up here in st.louis area. Crowds started gathering so they shut them down.
  6. Yup........as usual, those sorta clowns will ruin it for everyone.
  7. I’ll have to add a revision to my previous comment. - last year we switched to these War Eagle Grubbers and they were MUCH better at avoiding snags. I think the angled head made a big difference. Great results for the price. - https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/War_Eagle_Grubber_Weedless_Swimbait_Head_3pk/descpage-WEGRB.html
  8. Here’s some good info in a few threads: - http://www.bbcboards.net/forumdisplay.php?f=128
  9. Ole Dudley sure did jump on the clickbait bandwagon with that title screen. (Rollingeyes) - I agree with comments above; can’t say I gut hook more fish with ned than other finesse stuff. Even if gut hooked, long nose side cutters do a great job snipping the hook.
  10. Oh, I’m with yah rps. There’s certainly a time and place for them. And I don’t take your comments the wrong way, it’s all good. - But, the stunts Bill talked about that guest pulling; coupled with the games pulled at my wife’s work (and when their ‘representatives’ came to our home uninvited to ‘talk’ with my wife about joining......and wouldn’t leave until she threatened to call the police) has me a bit jaded. I’ve got plenty of other poor direct/indirect interactions over the years of similar dealings; so it’s tough to be impartial on this one.:-(
  11. My thoughts too m&m. Let’s counter that clowns trolling on those travel sites. Those union folks know they’re dinosaurs going extinct. This kinda nonsense is their last ditch effort to cling to relevance. Folks at my wife’s work tried to unionize. But, the union folks intimidation and strong arm tactics did them in. Overwhelming majority of employees expressed the same disgust in their old world tactics. They’re their own worst enemies.🤦🏻‍♂️
  12. This is a great thread.......lotsa good info, keep it comin.:-) I was seriously eyeing up the Humminbird Helix models; but not sure how I overlooked Lowrances FishReveal (doh!). That’s a really nice feature, kinda shifting my focus after that bit of info.
  13. Good post Foxman........I’m in the market for new electronics too. Don’t want to break the bank either; but would like something to help me quickly rule out unproductive water. Side imaging seems like it would be handy to idle past shoreline/pockets for at least a quick look-see; but what do I know. It’ll be interesting to hear folks opinions who regularly fish the rock.
  14. motoman


    That’s an interesting read. I wonder if the bass see the ned rig as a crawdad that’s been picked apart and is easy pickins?
  15. Thanks for the post; we’re down fishing for a few days and are really struggling. Finding a fish here and there; but no pattern. Frustrating stuff. Kinda been this way the past few years. Covering water either direction of KC, trying new stuff, new water. Not much to show for it. Glad it’s not just us having to cover a lot of water to find fish. Oh well; just gonna keep grinding. 😐
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