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  1. Hire a guide. Money well spent
  2. They bought it in 1953, their choice to sell. Beauty of private property. somebody “took it” long before this owner. Hopefully the next owner keeps the history intact.
  3. I was beating around the bush… it’s even easier to use curbside for anyone willing to explore the option. FWIW, midway USA has top notch curbside
  4. This is confusing to me. The complaint is they wouldn’t have an item ready for pickup without payment or am I missing something. BPS has curbside pickup which is the same except u provide a means of payment with your order.
  5. I’m guessing it’s the host that keeps it under the radar. Joe Thomas is beyond boring as a host.... The Ueker reference is slanderous. Bob is awesome.
  6. Basfis


    Maple syrup from New England is so much better I can’t describe it. Amber high grade from Goodrich Maple farms is a staple in our kitchen after having visited. Goodrich sells online direct too, worth every penny. Unreal on a spiral ham.... I’m a fat guy, I know good food 😇
  7. I vehemently disagree with the can and do finish high.... the list of donations is much, much longer than winners. Championships have most of the same faces in them paid for by the others. there are wrapped boats that haven’t won a dime....
  8. It’s a cheap sneaky little POS on the shaft under everything else on a HEI distributor.
  9. Long ago.... I had suburban that gave me fits 3 different times. One was a pinched injector wire. Really struggled under a load.... darn near free fix once found... another time it stranded me with no fuel and no fire after running poorly.... ended up being a pick up coil.... The last straw was the converter plugging up. Struggled bad under a load. I got rid of it in 2003, haven’t worked on my vehicle since 😇
  10. 100% always with a trailer, maybe even greater than 100% if it was possible. if gin clear and I’m after a reaction maybe no rattle. If it’s clearish rattle in the trailer. Dirty (less than 12”) rattle on the jig.
  11. Fixed it.... still a stretch.....
  12. Honda produces 23M engines annually. More than any other. I can appreciate your repair perspective. Good engines (reliable, low maintenance) aren’t good for parts and service. Poorly designed engines suck for service. friend of mine left Brunswick for another brand of boat. Business model doesn’t include p&s at an appreciable level due to not needing p&s.
  13. I’m biased towards Japanese outboards. They just seem to work, much like their automobiles.... I have thoroughly abused a 97 Honda 40 duck hunting and would have another one in a heartbeat. Yamaha 4stroke on our pontoon is incredible. Doesn’t even require a strong battery to get rolling. mercury made by Yamaha 👍🏻 Mercury home brew, probably not. 4strokes aren’t inherently bad outboards. Hp to displacement rules internal combustion. No replacement for displacement.
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