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  1. Happy Birthday! I've had a few of those my own self .......😬
  2. Not to mention all those dad blamed hooks and thin skin!😬
  3. Was thinking that myself but then considered the source.....🙃
  4. Guilty as charged - wish I woulda known to ask you first! Actually I checked with Wrench and he didn't see any reason for me to make the drive all the way to his place for such a basic service. Now we both know better! Of course if Johnny hadn't torn up his Evinrude contract and gone exclusive Mercury a year after I bought the boat I coulda had it serviced at Cabela's where I bought it in the first place. Ten minutes from my driveway.
  5. I hope they didn't shortchange you! $1469.38 for normal five year maintenance service on an Evinrude G2. According to Wrench it shoulda been 2.5 hours labor tops. They charged me for 7! At $140 an hour. They doubled up on some parts prices as well. There's so few places to choose from to get Evinrude's serviced now that they were the closest. Trust me, I'll remember next time. Coulda towed the boat to about anywhere, stayed a couple nights and played some decent golf courses for what I paid these bandits. Guess I should have inquired around the forum first. Expensive lesson learned.
  6. If they screw over everybody as bad as they did me they should all be drivin' Lambo's and flyin' private!
  7. Probably woulda been at least 3K at Blues Springs Marine!🤦‍♂️
  8. Ahh - the trials and tribulations of the one percenters!😉 Just hopin' my social security check ain't late. Runnin' low on gruel and black pudding.........🥴
  9. This is the saddest news I've heard in quite some time. I was/am a big fan of Bo, his posts, his videos, his knowledge and his lures. A true innovator. Awhile back he invited me to his house to pick up some of his Big Wobbler's but I didn't want to impose and never made it by. Will always regret that. I will miss him and didn't even know him.😢
  10. To hear him tell it it's been about everything but he's a whiner by nature and never happy with anything. To be honest I try to avoid the guy so I don't really know many of the details. He's constantly at war with Phoenix and Mercury too. He pretty much tears the crap out of everything he owns and then blames the manufacturers. The good news is he just sold his house and is moving to Alabama so fortunately he'll be taking all the complaining with him.
  11. Not looking to jinx myself here but my Ultrex is one of the first ones built (over four years old) and I've had zero issues and still consider it the single best boat related purchase I've ever made. In contrast a neighbor of mine is on his third or fourth Garmin and is still having problems so I guess it's kinda like everything else in life and is somewhat the luck of the draw.
  12. When I bought the Z521 in 2017 I financed 30K of the 70K that it cost. The loan was at 4% for FIFTEEN years. A couple hundred bucks a month. If I want to pay it down faster I can but if I don't I don't. I had no idea that such financing even existed. At 68 years old it's my last boat and if something age related happens to me it can be easily sold for more than what's owed and if I hang in there in relatively good shape for another ten or twelve years the payments are easily managed. Never would have considered such an arrangement when I was younger and paid off each of my previous twelve boats in four years or less but as an old guy this seemed like the way to go for me. Now 225K is a completely different galaxy.......😬
  13. Ya know, I feel terrible about having said that. It certainly wasn't very inclusive and I'm ashamed of myself. Not really sorry though.🤔
  14. As my beloved Soft Science shoes have gone the way of the buffalo I've ordered up a couple pair of the Hey Dude's. I like the way they look and Fly and Snagged are great and reliable sources of info (that really hurt to say) but I guess we'll see. Ordered a couple different styles in both size 13 and 14 since some reviews seemed to indicate they run a little small. Can't beat free return shipping if they don't fit. 🤞
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