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  1. Actually I did have but they declined to renew the deal a couple of years ago. Said they just didn't have the resources and manpower to keep up and they were gonna just stick with the "natural" occurring stuff from here on out. Currently have a deal in the works with the History channel though. It's a documentary called "The Vernon Chronicles - Natures Not so Natural Natural Disasters." If it all works out it could amount to a pretty penny for ol' Vern if you know what I mean.😉 Might even be able to work out some guest shots and interviews for a few of you guys if you're inte
  2. Thanks. That's kind of what I figured but was curious nonetheless. If it was ten years ago when I was still gainfully employed I'm sure I would have been among the first to have one but now being on the "fixed income" and all........👨‍🦳 Now I just have to be happy living vicariously through all you one percenters!
  3. Curious as to how valuable the Livescope was or how much you used it for the kind of fishing you were doing last week? Fortunately (or not) the days of me being able to afford such amenities has come and gone but I still find the technology and its applications to be of interest. Glad y'all had a good trip after last year's cluster!
  4. You think YOU guys are pizzed - if Kathy doesn't kill me before we even leave she'll drown me soon after we get there. She is NOT happy and of course also thinks that it's MY fault! I gotta come clean here. I ain't doing ANYTHING! It just follows me around like Joe Btfsplk (if you're under 65 google it)! Heck, I'll even try the nose wiggling deal just in case........👃
  5. Now you be hatin' just to hate..........😒
  6. Just for the record - I AIN'T THERE! I am in Basehor, Kansas waiting for it to snow!🙋‍♂️
  7. This is gettin' a little weird......😒 Do you like movies about gladiators?
  8. She probably would be just fine with that but she's not allowed to drive the boat anymore so........🤭
  9. I actually bought a pair of those snippers a few years ago after you recommended them. They work great and I'm pretty sure that the fish we hooked deep will be OK but I'd still rather just avoid the deep hooking altogether if I can. And you're right - those babies will cut about anything with minimal effort.
  10. We did the slack line dead sticking deal a bit early on in the trip but ended up with a couple deep hooked fish so we gave it up. It just kills me to hurt those beautiful fish and it just ain't worth it. As for Ned in general it was probably the fewest fish we've ever caught on the little dude. Lots of trips by the second day its about all we fish from then on but not this year for some reason. We caught probably 80 - 90 percent of our fish just slow reeling the little Keitech on one of Bo's 1/8 oz. crappie heads. Although we tried the deeper fish on the flat gravel and the extended
  11. Hmmm. We may be gaining some traction here.......🤔
  12. And a parka. And flares. Lots of flares......☄️
  13. By the way we’re just pulling out to head home. Y’all can consider this morning a little goodbye “kiss”. However Kathy and I will be back in six short days and I promise to bring plenty more gifts for everyone!⚡️🌊🌪
  14. Aha! I knew it! At least somebody finally had the guts to say it! But don’t think for one second that that changes anything!
  15. I shall recuse myself from discussing forthcoming weather (you can thank Mixer, Snagged and others) but as for the water we’ve been at Indian Point since last Friday and have run as far upstream as Baxter without incident and the water is quite clear. Bring the boat I say. It is a trip to the lake after all!
  16. Ever seen a grown man naked?
  17. And you think I didn’t know that? The audacity is unnerving.
  18. Keep pokin’ the bear.........😠
  19. Aw, c’mon man! Shirley you can’t be serious!! I’ve been expecting platitudes of thanks and appreciation for my good behavior to this point and now you wanna throw rocks for one measly little thunderstorm? I am without words..... Well, not really but seriously this week has been like Palm Springs compared to most of our visits!
  20. Can you describe the ruckus sir? You’re probably too young to get that but maybe not. Plenty of oldsters that will have no problem!
  21. We ARE friends! Who but a true friend would care so much about you to be so brutally honest even if it meant ripping your heart out? Tuff love can be..........well, TUFF!🥰 You'll thank me later!
  22. Ahh, c’mon! Practice is overrated! Plus, after four years you know you’re gonna stink it up anyways so you just as well save the money and frustration of going to the range! You’re welcome.....😜
  23. Et to?😳 You've changed. I don't even know you anymore.............😦
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