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  1. Prayers for your wife, you and all of your family. The jigs and fish can wait for things to settle down. Hang in there and take care of your wife, she is more important.
  2. Everyone has said it all. From the family/friends, they are the same to me, that has giving out on Table Rock. Thank you. Merry Christmas to all.
  3. I think it would be funny to some of those big shots and their big boats get stuck on an island by where Roaring River comes in, by Eagle Rock. That might get them to thinking that "This boat doesn't belong here".That is my opinion. I have seen a couple of the tournament boats get on an island there. Moderators, if you see the need to delete I understand.
  4. I don't get to Table Rock enough to post much of anything nor do I catch many fish. That being said, I fish simply for the enjoyment of being out in nature and RELAXING. I have seen mink, deer, fox and many other critters, on the shore and in the water, while out in the boat. I do keep some crappie once in a while but no Black Bass or any other bass. If someone cuts in front of me I will say something to them. If the reponse is somehow bad, I might fire the Merc and leave with a sizeable wake. Just depends on the mood I am in. I try to be polite about where I am fishing. I don't tr
  5. Tornado warnings over by Topeka this evening, 4-26. If that storm was visible to me I WOULD HAVE BEEN HIDING SOMEPLACE. I have never been through one and it is to late in my life to want to. I drove through the Joplin are about 2 weeks after that one hit. I seen a lot of things in my 62 years. But that scared the crap out of me. No thank you, they could to D.C. and clean house if they wanted to, wouldn't bother me much.
  6. Bo, if you're fishing the wrong area what did the others catch? Looks to me like you was in the right area. Beautiful fish. Good job.
  7. I think they, at least part of them, would rather be fishing. Funny and still laughing.
  8. Moderators, if you deem this unacceptable and want/need to delete this, I understand. Thank you, in advance, to everyone for letting me vent. I hope the person responsible for this get strung up with fish hooks. There is no reason for this to have happened. People have no respect for human life. Nor do they have respect for what the working/retired person has. They will steal anything and everything. If you happen to be close by the will kill you and not think a thing about it. I hope I don't catch someone stealing from my boat, they will wish they would have died when I get
  9. Happy birthday Bill B. We all appreciate everything you do here. I don't know when you get time for yourself or to sleep.
  10. May this weather straighten up and get some dry air 7n that area. Please be careful. We enjoy the fishing reports, lake info and everything else that you put on here PHIL. let us know if you need anything or any help. I believe that the majority of people on this site would be glad to help. I am glad this wasn't snow!!!!
  11. Beats the heck out of working, which was what I was doing. If you can catch some fish when you go out, part of the time but not all, you're doing OK in my mind. I would rather spend 6 hours and catch what you did today than one hour of work for 8 hours pay. Good report QUILLBACK. You got a variety of 'em today. Nothing wrong with that.
  12. You have every right to be excited. Hell, I would be too. If I could get my wife to leave the Kansas City area I would have a place at the lake also. Congrats on the home. I know you will enjoy it. Enjoy the life an give fishing reports.
  13. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Be safe in whatever you do. If fishing today be thankful that we are blessed with them. Same for hunting.
  14. Phill, I am sorry that you have to come this way for a funeral. If you come across 135 st from the Missouri side stop in and look around a place called "SCHEELS ". Has a farris wheel inside, it is kind of like DICKS SPORTING GOODS stores. I just going in there and look around. I would rather buy from Bo in Cassville or BPS. Keep the money as local as I can. Be careful.
  15. What is "FACEBOOK"? I do have a FB account but don't spend a lot of time on there. I have 2 jobs and a family. Hell, I don't have enough time to drive from Olathe Ks to TABLE ROCK to fish. Maybe I should give up something but I don't know what? Last time I was there was the last of May. Any suggestions?
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