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  1. Awesome day. Congratulations. Mike
  2. Sounds like a 7:15 am breakfast reservation could have been made and it would have been a perfect morning. Nap at 11am. Mike
  3. Congratulations to the winners and all who participated. And thanks to Brett for organizing. Mike
  4. Is the Keitech the new Ned for you? Pretty hard to put it down this year. Mike
  5. Maybe your dog it the one who hid the hot dog under the seat. Mike
  6. Jeff, that sounds like a plan. I’m for it. Mike
  7. Sad to hear that bo passed. He will be missed. Mike
  8. I should have mentioned that if you find the bluegill shallow, the bass were in the bushes waiting for a snack. Mike
  9. We had the family down since Friday. My son Cory and I were able to get in some morning fishing on Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday (6am-11am). Here are some pictures. Champ will like this because we caught over a limit each day just like these in the pictures in the flooded bushes on spinnerbaits. Each keeper was caught in less than 4’ of water. Saturday out of Cape Fair, Sunday out of Mill creek fishing the main lake flooded bushes, Monday out of Long Creek way up by Yokum & Tuesday out of KC main lake flooded bushes and back of a cove. It was a great time. We then left the lake to the boaters. Mike
  10. Bo, keeping you and your family in our prayers. Mike
  11. Jeff, that ultrex will look really good on your new Phoenix. Mike
  12. With the luck you were having, I think I would have ran and bought a lottery ticket. Good fortune runs in 3s don’t you know. Mike
  13. Actually the best running back was Barry Sanders. Mike
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