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  1. Congratulations. The pictures show very healthy fish. Sounds like your trip was a lot of fun. I echo C4F’s comment about this forum. Mike
  2. I’ve fished with Bill a few times and he’s very honest about fishing far from the bank. The thing I like about table rock is you can fish every way, any depth and still catch fish. Most of the time. Mike
  3. Bill, great pictures. Their smiles say it all. It’s hard to put down that keitech. Mike
  4. First time I saw one of those boats at night I thought someone called the Water Patrol on me and they sent the swat team. Talked to them and they enjoyed the competitive spirit of carp tourneys because of the bow hunting. Mike
  5. I’ve talked to Vernon in the past and he is really a nice guy. He just has that cloud jinx hanging over him. We should use it to our advantage. Invite him when we need rain. Just a thought. Mike
  6. Quillback certainly is the master out of Big M. I enjoyed the day watching him catch most of the fish. His chartreuse jig head was certainly the deal. I’ll have some next time for sure. It was a great time fishing and getting to know a bit more about him. Thanks a bunch. Mike
  7. m&m

    Nite bite

    96, two hours of fishing 12 fish, 6 keepers. No wonder your back hurt. Setting the hook that many times in 2 hours reminds me of the old days. Mike
  8. Brad, the info says the tournament is from October 8 beginning at 7pm and ending October 9 at 11pm. Is it correct that a person can fish any time during those hours? Mike
  9. Nice fish. Especially the smallmouth. Mike
  10. Their regatta permit was for 400. If anyone is interested, there is a big bass tournament on LOZ next weekend. Their regatta permit is for 1,200 boats. Mike
  11. Ok, due to unforeseen circumstances Patlock and I are not able to fish this tourney this year so the organizers graciously moved our entry to next year. But I’m watching the posted results and looking for names of our members. Here’s hoping our members have a good showing as the results are posted. In the first couple of hours a few >5 lbs were weighed in. Mike
  12. Toby, nice day fishing for sure. Congratulations. Mike
  13. Bo, that is a toad. Mike
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