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  1. Those of us who attended had a great time. Congratulations to cheesemaster for the win. Mike
  2. Someone took your reels! Call the police. Mike
  3. I have this knack of pulling the hook away just as a fish is about to chomp on my lure. But if I ever do hook one that bleeds I will try the Rejuvenate thing. Mike
  4. Gotta love that too water action. Mike
  5. Nice healthy looking fish. Mike
  6. All, the MSHP Regatta website reflects the following 3 tournaments besides ours on Table Rock Lake for Saturday October 16: 15 boat tournament out of Moonshine Beach - NWA winter Bass Series 50 boat tournament out of Campbell Point Marina - Guys and Gals Benefit tournament 130 boat tournament out of Port of Kimberling - MO Bass Nation so for those attending the OAF Bo James Benefit Tournament where you can start fishing at 7am anywhere on the lake but weigh in at 2pm at Aunts Creek boat ramp, plan your fishing sites accordingly. Mike
  7. Jeff, happy belated birthday. Mike
  8. It appears October is a tough time to catch fish at Table Rock Lake. A few dinks here and there and maybe a few keepers mixed in. But we keep going because we love it! Mike
  9. Jeff, you’re in transition from a Keitech season to a jig season. Different bite for sure. Mike
  10. Johnson 150GT runs forever if you take care of it. Mike
  11. For those not familiar with the cove or the tip jar, I’ll let the caretaker provide the information. Bill, it is definitely that time of year where “right time, right place & right lure” is necessary for the short feeding cycle. C4F, I do have the patience to teach, but most of the credit goes to my friend who is also left handed so no need to switch hands during or after the cast. By the way, catching or casting aside it was a beautiful day to be on Table Rock Lake! Mike
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