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Where'd The Nice Fish Go?


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Well, I fished sun up to sun down on Saturday. It was darn chilly around sunrise. I need to remember to start dressing a little heavier this time of year! Not much happening in my usual haunts around Praire Creek, so tried some mid-lake spots on the way down to Rocky Branch. Caught a small K of a rock pile mid-lake, and found a few schools in some of the side cuts along the Rocky Branch arms. Caught 8 bass out of one school, but the only quality one got off at the boat. :wacko: About half of the others were legal K's, but not by much. Fishing finesse jigs with worms.

Caught a couple more on the bottom up Ventris arm on 1/2 oz jigs, but again nothing of any size. It was a fun day, and I did catch a fair number of fish, but still a little disappointing to not have any quality fish in the boat. Saw a lot of guys pounding the banks in the back of creeks, but didn't see them doing much catching.

So where'd all the good fish go? I thought they all but jumped in the boat this time of year. :lol:

John B

08 Skeeter SL210, 225F Yamaha

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I fished Saturday afternoon in the Indian Creek area, there's a lot of small spots up there also, I was using a Rat-L-Trap and catching them on that. Nothing of quality size however, I did have a nice smallie on until it jumped and tossed the lure. I think there's too many spots in that lake for their own good. I read that AFG is considering reomiving the size and numbe rlimits on them so that they can be fished out a little. I was using a finesse worm on a jughead also but I had to stop using it because the little spots would not leave it alone, they grab hold of the tail and play around with it, it get's aggravating after a while. I was fishing back in a cove where the shad would come up every one in a while and the spots would go after the shad, but there was a heron that as soon as it saw the fish feeding would fly over to try and grab one, that put the fish down right away.

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