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Forecast For Rain


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The estimate (according to the news, so take that with a grain of salt) was set at 2 - 4". With that much rain I would guess the river might have limited fishing for atleast 10 days. If is a lesser amount then I would guess about 3-4 days



Woo Hoo Fish On!!

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The Currents watershed is more towards Licking...NW of Montauk.

The river is low right now and it takes a fair amount to get it up and unfishable. The river rises quick and comes down fairly quick...the water to me is fishable when it is up and murkey...from my experience it puts the big browns on the feed but my standards probably differ from most.

What the average fisherman would deem unfishable is when I consider it the best but I sling large minnow immitations.

To me it's perfect when you can't see the bottom in about waist deep water...all depends on personal preference and my method is different than most.

Just have to wait and see how much rain we actually get...seems being a weather man is one of the few jobs I know of that you can be wrong half the time and still keep your job, lol.

later on


My friends say I'm a douche bag ??

Avatar...mister brownie

bm <><

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Thanks BM, I fished it once at 150cfs, tough wading, off color water, streamers. The browns came out of places you would not think. Gotta alot of turns and short chases, not much hook ups. I also have noticed the Current drops quickly.

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ill be down on sunday hopefully fishing tan vat unless its coffee and cream color, this storm does not sound good for my trip...i hope it doesnt hit has hard as they say


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It started raining in Kansas City about an hour ago. Hopefully it doesn't blow out the streams for the weekend but it doesn't look good. PC

Cheers. PC

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