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What Is Your Favorite Lure For Stained Water?

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In warmer months I like a dark spinnerbait, maybe with a Colorado blade depending on clarity or a fat, wobbly crankbait, preferably with noise. In colder months a dark, slightly larger-than-you-would-normally-use jig with or without a rattle depending on clarity or a dark, bigger jerkbait, preferably with noise.

I might try a buzzbait in summer if you're dying for topwater, but would put it away pretty quick if I didn't get a strike pretty fast.

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Yeah, I hadn't seen this one yet.. But unfortunately anyone who reads my answers to what's your favorite" type questions is disappointed.

1/16th ounce black and white maribou jig, or a kastmaster spoon if I really want to cover some water. Other than that, the ol trusty Teeny crawl.


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I grew up fishing stained water most of the time on Big River, and still believe that in warm weather on most rivers you can't beat a shallow-running crankbait, with deeper running cranks close behind. If the water clarity is between 2 and 4 feet, I'll ALWAYS have my homemade shallow crank on one rod anytime from April through October. Spinnerbaits are great in that situation as well. Larger topwater lures work, and a big dark-colored buzzbait usually gets a workout. And if fishing slow and on the bottom, I'll go with a jig and trailer rather than the tubes I usually use in clear water.

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Depends on what and where you're fishing.

Anything from trolling, casting, especially to cover alot of water and for long casts, vertical jigging, ripping em through fast/shallow water, fish em deep with lots of jigging...just kind of depends.

In my earlier years I would have never thought they would treat me as well as they have...good all around use I have found.

later on


My friends say I'm a douche bag ??

Avatar...mister brownie

bm <><

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This is what I use for the dark stained waters of Minnesota.They have plenty of FLASH.



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