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Lakes In St. Charles Co.

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Does anyone know of any decent little lakes or ponds in St. Charles County I can put my canoe in? Sometimes I need an after work fishing fix and can't drive an hour and a half to a stream. I'd even settle for Busch Wildlife, but you can't put your boat in their lakes, you have to rent their jon boats, and I'm not interested in paying $5 for a couple hours of paddling a barge around in overfished water.

Anyone got any ideas?

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The Cuiver River in Old Monroe would be something to consider. Hardly any boat traffic anymore. Most everyone puts in below the Cuivre since it's really clogged at the mouth where it dumps into the Mississippi slew. Hard to navigate in or out from that spot so most boats never go up the Cuivre anymore. There was a ramp in Old Monroe but it's been a while since I have been out there. If it's still usable you definitely can drop a canoe in and float that area. Just up river from the ramp both the old and new bridges cross over the river and always offer some nice log jams around the bridge supports to fish. Beyond that is some nice slow moving water to fish also. Most every fish you could think of in that river. White Bass, crappie, large mouth, catfish, etc.

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