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10-07-09 Fishing And River Report

wacky worm

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old man ron, me and river rat scotty launched from the heaven headed to riverside

ron caught ten or so on a brown worm rigged with lead headed hook

scotty caught several on the same rig

i was fishing a mini black buzz bait

had been reading on the forum about trailers

so i cut a 2 1/2 inch tail off a gulp worm dark green and hooked it on there

casted right next to the ripples and WHAM!!!!!! mr big was on

so i scurried over to the bank to get my phone out to get this pic

sorry phil i forgot my good camera again

he was 17 plus inches

caught several more on it after that but none that big

caught a few on the wacky in between casting the buzz bait

all in all was a great trip

and by the way the river is crystal clear right now you can see everything

i got hung up on a log and when i got close i spooked a bunch of fish hiding underneath there

i think maybe going with lighter line and staying away from the spots and casting in

these fish have not seen hourds of people in a while

keep floating


p.s. welcome old man ron to the forum he is a local around here

and let me tell you he can catch fish :D :D :D :D


Russ Stovall



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We fished from Big Elk to low water last night. Saw you guys pulling out. Sounds like a similar trip for us. Tubes & senkos got us about 30 or so, but it was the smallest group of fish all year. 1- 15" largemouth and about 4 smallies in the 14" range. However, lots of 8" ers that I would rather not talk about. I threw my frog a lot, but only had 4 blowups on it, and only hooked 1.......The little action on the topwater was quite a surprise and disappointment. How did you guys do with your black buzz bait?????? Sure hope to catch another trip before winter...........


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what a beautiful fish..

I just love the dark black barring and coloring on clear water stream bass.

Keep floating Russ!

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