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Thats Thinking With Your "dip-stick" Jimmy!


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The comment section below the article is the funny part. Why is it that anywhere that you can find someone bragging about an unusual story you will also find 10 people who are more than willing to discredit it?

Point being: does that look like a 10 pounder to you? And what does it matter if this guy lost his fishing license for a period because he was using trout to fish for stripers?

Geez, some people just can't get along in life without bringing everyone else down to their (self imposed) level with them. Sometimes you just gotta laugh.


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That guy is nuts.

Man.. thats the single most weirdest story I have ever read.

That guy ? What a fruitloop!

Great post Leonard.

Make sure to click thru a little bit on this one... shesh, he has BIG brass balls.

cheers, Brian

Just once I wish a trout would wink at me!


I'm the guy wearing the same Simms longbilled hat for 10 years now.

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