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River Conditions?


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River's murky, but not unfishable. You won't see many fish, but they are there. It's not overly high compared to how it could be - it's very fishable. I went today and had 3 on Berkley Gulp white eggs in about 45 min, and caught about 8 in the C&R using size 12 orange scud (and enough weight to get it to the bottom). Had to go (it was a quick trip), and had my fourth upstream in about 10 min on the eggs. Use enough weight to get them down, and throw them right into the fast water, and let them work their way down where the current takes them.

On a side note, I've concluded that the Gulp brand of eggs are infinitely better than the normal Berkley eggs, and that white is by far the best color, anytime.

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Thanks for the update fly-guy. I figured the water would be murky, but I believe I can handle that with flies that are more the attention getting type (bigger or brighter) and either sink tip line or a lot of shot with the fast current. Glad to hear that you had a productive day out there. I will be there Saturday morning if anyone wants to say howdy.



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Water murky kinda high about a foot, throw big bright bunny bugs, woolybuggers with lots of flash should do well.

when I left the other day, #14 copper johns were good red was the best colors.

Use lots of sinkers or a sink tip line is a good thing to have when the water is up like it is.

the water isn't that high but the flow is really fast, good luck.

Tim Homesley

23387 st. hwy 112

Cassville, Mo 65625

Roaring River State park

Tim's Fly Shop


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Fished Areas 1 an 3 on Saturday and did great on white Berkley eggs with shot about 2 feet up. Caught 8 in area 1 and 5 in area 3 over a 2 hour period. Wish I had longer too fish there but got a late start.

Spelling and puntuation error provided free of charge

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Glad to hear you did good - bright and visible is the key in Zone 2 in high, fast, murky water. I like the san juan, the bright scud, and the egg. Setting the hook IS a challenge, eh? I fished with over 4 feet from indicator to fly, and missed at least half of my strikes. Need a longer rod...

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