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10 Gates?


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I've heard that they were going to shut it down the day before yesterday, yesterday and today... they may or they may not.

But know this... once they shut the gates down, they hopefully will stay within their restricted flow and that's 125 mw, about 2.5 turbines. They will also have to inject liquid O2 to keep the levels above 4 pmm. Right now, at least below Fall Creek, the level is well over 6-8 pmm which is fantastic for the fish- that's why it's been so good. Once they shut it down, it might not be as good because of the drop in oxygen.

So don't be so quick to wish for the gates to shut down. Yes the water is high and fast but as long as you get down to the bottom, you'll catch trout, as long as their biting.

Yesterday was a slow day because the trout didn't bite as aggressively as they did the day before. That's fishing (catching).

I'm not trying to discourage anyone not to head down and fish... but when the gates do shut down, it will be slower and shallower, water will go back to 50 degrees and the DO will drop. The trout may not like that for a day or two. But they may like it too!

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OK, I'm coming down on the 22nd so the gates will close, generation will stop, water temperature will go up, DO will go down, and it's going to rain for all four days. Sound's like the usual trip for me!

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I heard they are shutting them when the lake reaches 920... it is at 921.3 now. Just what I heard.

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The charts seem to indicate that the gates have been shut, anyone know for sure?

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