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Spider Creek

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we had a great time, and we caught lots of trout.

the water was up about 5 or 6 feet so no wading, and no bank fishing at spider creek.

water ran in the mornings til 10 or so, then went off til 430 or 5.

we'd motor up to parker bottoms, and drift back to spider creek. we even drifted down to 62 bridge the first day, but very few fish for us below spider creek.

best fishing was between parker bottoms and the island.

lots of wildlife. we were out early this morning, and it was super-foggy. we disrupted a bald eagle off its roost, and then about 5 minutes later i heard a big splash. i told the boys to look for deer swimming across, and sure enough...we watched 4 deer swim across the river at about the old bridge tressle.

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Sorry Wily, I must have missed this post. Sounds like you had a good time. I really need to get down there.

If fishing was easy it would be called catching.

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