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Any Word On Lake Level?


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Drifted over from the Table Rock side for a minute...anyone heard word on plans for dropping Beaver?

Am assuming COE will start pulling the lake when they have the Rock back down, but can't find any info. Have a trip to Kimberling starting 11/3 and am curious as to how much of Beaver lake might be there to greet me.

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Haven't heard anything. Looks like it topped at 1126.5ft. Tailwaters are lowering due to the flood gates opening at TR. They have been generating a few hours a day, but nothing major. There is some decent rain predicted for Wednesday and Thursday, so that may throw a wrench in things.

So really not a ton of info more than you probably know. Who knows what the Corp will do, but I dont see them tearing through the water on Beaver. Probably get it down to 1120 over a few weeks and somewhat hold it there.

Zack Hoyt

OAF Contributor

Flies, Lies, and Other Diversions

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