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5th Annual Roaring River Opening Day C&r Biscuits And Gravy Feed

Steve Smith

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I have not posted in a while – been a madhouse at work. We are planning our fifth annual Roaring River Opening day C&R biscuits and gravy feed on Friday November 13th at 7 AM [Opening horn is at 8 AM]. Location will be the last campsite in Campground #3 near the old dam just off HWY F. Come all – Ozark Angler members or not, and families. All you need to do is bring what you would like to drink. We will also have a grill setup and hot dogs going 12 noon at the same location. It would be fine if you would like to bring a condiment or chips, but not required. In case of rain, we will move the meeting place to the shelter area along HWY F. Look forward to seeing everyone.


AKA Flysmith - Cassville MO

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Hey you coming brbf? Me and KC will be heading down out of the park. You can go with us.

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It was good meeting all of the OAF members and catching some nice fish to boot. :D

I caught my first nice sized fish early on an olive bunny bug, but caught the most on a tandem rig with a wooly midge ( something like a burlap ) and a zebra midge dropper. The small tan zebra caught the majority of my fish including my biggest fish that I was able to land. Tan seemed to be the best color for me, but also red and rust zebras caught fish.


I hooked up with one true lunker that would go about 5 pounds, but he was smarter than I was. :lol: He hit a tan wooly midge and took off upstream. When I was trying to get him on the reel he came back downstream to my side and as soon as I managed to tighten the line on him he took off across stream and broke me off.

Oh well, like someone said, " It is always fun hooking up with a lunker, even if you don't always land it."

If fishing was easy it would be called catching.

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