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Additional Lake And Launch

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The following information is as of noon today.

Greenfield Landing (CC boat launch)- Completely and heavily iced over. Ice was 4" thick. This area has a long ways to go.

Roark Bluff - Completely iced over. Ice was 3" thick.

Hawker Point - Ice in back of coves, launch in good shape. Main lake clear and 42F. All surrounding coves are at least

partly covered with ice.

Hartley Launch at old Stste Park - 1" of ice. Open water about 1/4 mile towards main lake. This launch should be open soon.

There were also 7 bald eagles there.

I am battling the flu so, given the lake situation, I think it will be a couple weks before I get back to the lake.

NOTE -There was some floating ice in the area of Hawker so if you go there be careful.

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Alright, you sealed the deal for me. I guess I will stay home tomorrow. I really appreciate you and everyone else that has posted about lake conditions. I probably wouldve drove up expecting water everywhere considering its been in the 50's and there is no snow on the ground. You have saved me the time and 100 mile trip and for that I thank you. Ill be anxious to hear when the majority of the ice has melted and we can get on with things! Hopefully by March!

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