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Smallmounth Action

Tito Degiosio

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went out today from 11 TO 3 it was brian.john,and I with john's fiberglass jet/john boat

right away we were into smallies the bigest being caught and landed was alittle over 16 inches but it was a fat one

there was a easy 17 to 18 inch one hooked and pulled to the boat but he got off right as brian reached in they were to busy staring at the size of him instead of reaching down I think brian may have caught a quick photo with his head out of the water I'm looking forward to seeing it

we had several double hook ups to many to take and show all the pictures of number of fish were the same way I think everyone lost count after ten each here is just a few of the fish caught injoy

The Ghost Anglerpost-9103-126369119902_thumb.jpgthe Picture of the eagle is from the other day thought some of you might like it






Tito DeGiosio & Cydney Siri

Pleasnt Valley Cabin and Camping

(Home of the fresh baked pies)



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