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Manasota Key


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I am heading down to Manasota Key Florida in about 2.5 weeks.. We are staying in a condo on the beach for a week and I was wanting to know if anyone has fished this part of Florida. With the colder weather, there may not be any opportunity to fish.

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Dunno...Not sure who can help you out in that area...I used to fish Tampa Bay quite a bit...Caught a lot of sea trout and ladyfish in the fall & winter. I know a guy in Naples..Capt. Tom Shadley...He's a good guy...He lived in St. Louis before he moved to Florida & opened his fly shop and Hargrove goes down to chase tarpon with him every year. Give him a call and see what/whom he recommends in that area. Cheers.


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I just moved to SW Missouri from Sarasota and have been in touch with friends down there. Recent record cold has caused havoc with the fish populations in Tampa and Sarasota Bay. There have been some huge snook kills in the area because of the abnormally cold water, expecially in Tampa Bay. One source I read said as many as half the snook population of Tampa Bay has been killed. Sarasota Bay has been hard hit also. Manasota Key is south of Venice, but that is still close enough to have suffered some damage from the recent record cold they had a couple of weeks ago. I would check with some of the local guides in the area to see exactly what you can expect. Good Luck.

I have a friend, a Jewish carpenter, whom you should get to know. If you do, your life will never be the same.

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